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Casper the Friendly Ghost is an animated cartoon series based on the concept and illustrations of creators Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo. The character was created in the late 30s for a children's storybook that generated very little attention. The animation division of Paramount Pictures' Famous Studios purchased the rights to the book from Oriolo, and the cartoon TV series premiered in 1950.

Physically Casper, the central character, changed a bit, as he was no longer as pudgy as he was in early illustrations. The premise remained consistent from earlier books. Casper is a nonconforming ghost-child who prefers to be personable and friendly with people rather than scare them. He enters the world seeking friends unlike other ghosts who only wish to haunt people. Sadly, because he's a ghost, Casper has a hard time making friends since he frightens people and animals. He inadvertently scares away those he wishes to befriend but ultimately finds a way to win them over by protecting or saving them from something bad.

Early episodes of the cartoon series are often remembered for their catchy theme song composed by Jerry Livingston and Mack David. However, by 1955, an instrumental version of the theme song, composed by Winston Sharples, was used.

Casper had become the hottest commodity of Famous Studios thanks to the success of the animated series, films, and a comic book published by Harvey Comics. Eventually, founder Alfred Harvey purchased all rights to Casper and other properties of Famous Studios like Baby Huey, Little Audrey, and Herman and Katnip. These cartoon series continued to run in reruns through the next several decades, first on the ABC Network, and later in syndication. There have been newer adaptations of Casper in all mediums - comic books, movies, and animated TV series - but the original Casper The Friendly Ghost series is typically the best-remembered thanks to reruns.

Casper the Friendly Ghost is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (13 episodes). The series first aired on .

Where do I stream Casper the Friendly Ghost online? Casper the Friendly Ghost is available for streaming on Classic Media, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Casper the Friendly Ghost on demand at , Viki, Tubi TV online.

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Casper the Friendly Ghost Full Episode Guide

  • Casper wants to be Boy Scout, so he and Billy go hiking in the woods…/ Casper has a beach date with Wendy which the Spooks try to spoil.

  • Casper searches for friends to invite to his party/…Casper helps Ulysses find his way home

  • Casper tries to fit in at a Halloween dance…/ Casper helps groundhog retrieve his show.

  • Casper helps Billy learn to ice-skate.../Casper and Mr Sandman help an insomniac bear sleep.

  • A kitten abuses Casper's protection by taunting a dog.../ The three witches make nasty Casper and Wendy doubles herself.

  • Casper helps castle ghost find inheritor on his visit to England.../ Casper helps a little guy win a football game.

  • Casper plays games with a baby seal in the arctic.../ Casper helps lonely giant find some animal friends.

  • Casper saves the 3 little pigs from the wolf.../Ghostly Trio gives Casper a potion which makes him larger,helps find antidote.

  • Casper befriends a baby elephant lured from the zoo.../Wendy helps Casper undo the Trio's mischief here.

  • Casper Saves A baby from a burning building and the other ghosts try to scare his fans... /A big friendly ghost teaches Casper to stand up to the Trio.

  • Casper befriends a skunk by pretending to only be painted white.../Casper rescue thrill seeking billionaire captured by witch.

  • Casper helps professor take his rocket into space…/ Casper helps a lost ghost find his mother.

  • Casper plays pirates with a young boy and rescues his brothers from whales.../ A witch hexes Wendy so all her furniture runs away.