Watch TV Shows on Classic Media

Classic Media is an animation based company that focuses on the distribution and licensing of older animated characters and cartoons, which is now owned by Dreamworks Animation. The company was formed in 2000 by Broadway production specialists Eric Ellenbogen and John Engelman, who began searching for classic animations to add to the library of the company. The initial purchases that established Classic Media was the library and collection of UPA, which includes the Screen Gems series and Mr. Magoo cartoons from the 1940s onwards. These cartoons are made available through Classic Media alongside the famous Harvey Comics collection, which was also purchased by the company and includes the famous characters Black Cat and Sad Sack.

Classic Media has added various other titles to its library over the years to create a company that is well known for distributing timeless pieces of animation. The target audience for this animation company is young children and adults with an interest in animation as an art form. Over the years this US based brand has also extended its reach to foreign markets and purchased the rights to iconic British characters, such as Noddy and Olivia. In 2012, Classic Media was purchased by Dreamworks Animation and has continued to add timeless and iconic animations to its library, including the Felix the Cat back catalog.