The Lone Ranger: The Legendary Lone Ranger

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Follow the adventures of the heroic cowboy with The Lone Ranger: The Legendary Lone Ranger. The collection features multiple episodes of the television show. In the episodes, The Lone Ranger teams up with Tonto to stop villains, go on missions, and discover lose treasures.

Show times vary, and include a lot of big fight scenes, horse rides, and shootouts. Some episodes are presented din black and white while some are in vivid Technicolor.

Classic Media
1 Season, 8 Episodes
September 15, 1950
Action & Adventure, Classic
The Lone Ranger: The Legendary Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger: The Legendary Lone Ranger Full Episode Guide

  • After stealing federal gold, three desperadoes head for the ghost town of Rim Rock. Can The Lone Ranger capture these outlaws before they escape?

  • One of the Lone Ranger's silver bullets help Tonto track down a band of outlaws and bring them to justice.

  • The publisher of a small western newspaper finds himself involved with outlaws who challenge his right to the freedom of the press. The Lone Ranger must become a defender of free speech and break the gang.

  • A gang of rustlers mistake Dan Reid for Charles Medrano, the grandson of a wealthy sheep rancher.

  • A renegade tribe member and his henchmen threaten to kill Tonto and his old friend Chief Swift Eagle.

  • Tonto and The Lone Ranger capture Cavendish and his entire gang.

  • Teamed with Tonto, the masked man finds Silver and pursues the Cavendish gang.

  • Six Texas Ranger are led into an ambush. All are killed except one, who is nursed back to health by a Native American friend from his youth.

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