The Lone Ranger: The Legendary Lone Ranger

Watch The Lone Ranger: The Legendary Lone Ranger

  • 1950
  • 1 Season

The Lone Ranger is a classic American Western series created by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. The Legendary Lone Ranger from Classic Media is a collection of the most iconic and memorable episodes from the series, featuring Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger and Jay Silverheels as his loyal sidekick, Tonto.

The series follows the story of the Lone Ranger, a Texas Ranger named John Reid, and Tonto, a Native American who becomes his trusted companion. The two ride across the American Wild West, fighting crime and injustice, loyal to their code of honor and justice.

The show starts with John Reid returning to his hometown of Colby, Texas, from the East, where he has been studying law. He is on the verge of reuniting with his brother Dan, who is the sheriff of Colby, when they are ambushed by the ruthless Butch Cavendish and his gang of outlaws. The outlaws kill Dan and the rest of the Texas Rangers, but Tonto, who has been trailing the gang, finds John Reid alive and helps him recover from his wounds.

With the help of Tonto, John Reid reinvents himself as the Lone Ranger, a masked hero, and sets out to bring justice to the land. The rest of the series follows the Lone Ranger and Tonto as they fight evil villains, rescue innocents, and maintain law and order in the Wild West.

The Legendary Lone Ranger from Classic Media features the most iconic episodes from the series, including "Enter the Lone Ranger," "The Lone Ranger Fights On," "The Lone Ranger's Triumph," and "A Message from Abe." Each episode features the Lone Ranger and Tonto using their wits, resourcefulness, and fighting skills to defeat the bad guys and restore justice to the land.

One of the most endearing aspects of the show is the friendship between the Lone Ranger and Tonto. The two come from different backgrounds and cultures, but they share a deep respect for each other and a common goal of making the Wild West a better place. Tonto is critical to the success of the Lone Ranger's missions, and he often saves the day with his quick thinking and bravery.

Another notable aspect of the show is the Lone Ranger's code of honor. He never kills, and he always gives the bad guys a chance to turn their lives around. He also respects the law but is not afraid to bend the rules to achieve justice. The show has a strong moral compass and teaches important values, such as respect for others and the importance of doing the right thing.

The Legendary Lone Ranger from Classic Media is a timeless classic that has stood the test of time. The show has been in syndication for decades and has influenced countless other Westerns and action-adventure series. It has also spawned numerous movies, comic books, and other merchandise.

Overall, The Legendary Lone Ranger from Classic Media is a must-watch for anyone who loves classic American Westerns, action-adventure series, or just good old-fashioned heroism. The show has something for everyone, from thrilling action sequences to heartwarming moments of friendship and loyalty. It's a true classic that deserves a place in any TV-watching lineup.

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Outlaw Masquerade
8. Outlaw Masquerade
After stealing federal gold, three desperadoes head for the ghost town of Rim Rock. Can The Lone Ranger capture these outlaws before they escape?
The Tell Tale Bullet
7. The Tell Tale Bullet
One of the Lone Ranger's silver bullets help Tonto track down a band of outlaws and bring them to justice.
Special Edition
6. Special Edition
The publisher of a small western newspaper finds himself involved with outlaws who challenge his right to the freedom of the press. The Lone Ranger must become a defender of free speech and break the gang.
Sleep Thieves
5. Sleep Thieves
A gang of rustlers mistake Dan Reid for Charles Medrano, the grandson of a wealthy sheep rancher.
The Renegades
4. The Renegades
A renegade tribe member and his henchmen threaten to kill Tonto and his old friend Chief Swift Eagle.
The Lone Ranger's Triumph
3. The Lone Ranger's Triumph
Tonto and The Lone Ranger capture Cavendish and his entire gang.
The Lone Ranger Fights On
2. The Lone Ranger Fights On
Teamed with Tonto, the masked man finds Silver and pursues the Cavendish gang.
Enter the Lone Ranger
1. Enter the Lone Ranger
Six Texas Ranger are led into an ambush. All are killed except one, who is nursed back to health by a Native American friend from his youth.
  • Premiere Date
    September 15, 1950