Fractured Fairy Tales

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"Fractured Fairy Tales" (1959) was a supporting feature of "The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show," an American cartoon known for its wit, satire and horrible puns. As the title suggests, "Fractured Fairy Tales" featured retellings of classic fairy tales that butchered them for laughs. More often than not, the narrator would end the story with a joke or pun.

Classic Media
1 Season, 23 Episodes
November 19, 1959
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: June Foray, Daws Butler, Hans Conried, Paul Frees, Bill Scott
Fractured Fairy Tales

Fractured Fairy Tales Full Episode Guide

  • Joe White, son of well-known Snow White, goes out to earn his fortune. However, it turns out his mother's fame does him more harm than good. / Jack enters into the magic fountain business with an old trick up his sleeve. / Potter's temper brings him bad luck when he becomes the victim of a group of witches trying to reach their quota. / A boy asks his father's permission to get married but must meet three requirements first.

  • The Count becomes rich when he discovers a bird who can lay eggs filled with gold coins. / The King decides to find a husband for his daughter, but becomes frustrated in his choice. / The Prince falls in love with a beauty named Esmeralda Fump. Unfortunately, Esmeralda needs to nap at almost all important palace functions. / Booby is awarded a red wishing hat, which transforms things at will.

  • In the tiny kingdom of "Easy Pickens", Schuyler Sugg is elected "Man of the Year". Now he must find out who's inside the mysterious black castle. / The Little Tinker is on his own for the first time and finds himself face to face with the Giant Troll. / Julius the Frog wants to become a person and needs the help of his fairy frog mother. / A set of false teeth give a clue to the rightful ruler of Baghdad.

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears pack up their little old cottage and head for a new clean apartment. / The Ugly Duckling discovers the best way to live a good life is to believe in himself. / John and Tinsel are happily married and lead a great life. That is, until the evil witch turns Tinsel into an ogre. / This absent-minded King has trouble finding a princess to marry. But all he has to do is remember one word... Eh, what was it again?

  • Dragon University is a place where all dragons come to study and graduate. Unless your Milo, who is having some serious trouble. / The kingdom of "Tootsie-Lavendre" is having a rough season until "The Popper" comes to save the day. / Alden Farquahar was always surrounded by beautiful maidens, until the day the evil queen casts a nasty spell on him. / Little Fred Riding Hood does a good deed for two little dwarfs and is surprised by the payoff.

  • The Enchanted Fly grants the King his wish of becoming a fly. / The old woodcutter leaves his children two very special gifts. However, his daughter Felicia's may be much more special than she realizes. / Hans Clinker has a difficult time discovering which occupation is right for him. / A witch named Grizelka was named "Witch of the Year", and with good reason too.

  • It's truly amazing how the talking fish can draw a huge audience, but it's even more amazing when they discover he's a do-it-yourself wish machine. / Delightful poetry and a few tender moments combine to stave off the disaster caused by these dastardly Goblins. / The Prince must make like a bird and daringly rescue Rapunzel. / The Little Princess' growth spurt causes disaster.

  • The Wolf, seeking a life of ease, attempts to marry one the three pigs. / Goldilocks opens a wonderful new winter resort but has trouble with the three bears who are busy trying to hibernate. / Beauty and the Beast's son has a hard time convincing people of his own accomplishments. / Androcles finds it is often helpful to befriend a lion, especially when you are thrown into a lion pit yourself.

  • The son of Rumpelstiltskin is cast out into the world and is forced to make a name for himself. / Beauty and her mule marry the Prince and his white charger and have an awesome double wedding. / A golden goose is certainly something of extreme value, as many people find out, including the beautiful Princess. / The enchanted frog manages to overcome a tremendous obstacle to reach the Princess. But he has to decide... Is it worth it?

  • A frog is changed into a prince but soon discovers that it's a frog eat frog world. / This Pied Piper can blow the most amazing things from his pipe and everyone in the kingdom rushes to see. / A fairy Godmother manages to make something of a wicked little boy, Prince Darling. / A talented little duck finds it difficult to break into show business because of his ugliness.

  • The witch tries to cast an evil spell on the beauty, but the prince is there to save the day. / Aladdin's magic lamp produces many "genies" and causes all kinds of fights between the King and the evil Wizier. / Rumpelstiltskin makes the poor miller's daughter sin by challenging her to contest after contest. / The Chimney Sweep finds good luck in a bad fish.

  • The wicked witch turns Hansel into an aardvark and it takes plenty of "brooming" from Gretel to get him back. / Cinderella forgets to return the shoes her fairy Godmother gave her by midnight and breaks her royal contract. / Snow White runs an exclusive dwarfs shop, which almost goes bankrupt when the Queen gives her an apple. / Jack joins a losing team, the "Boston Beans", and carries them into a championship battle against the "New York Giants".

  • We find that the shoemaker has to do many unlikely things to learn his trade. / Tom Thumb is only as high as his father's thumb. Luckily Merlin the magician is there to help. / Little Sir Galahad, the son of Harry Galahad, the famed clown, finds it difficult to become a knight. / The dwarfs are hiding Snow White from the evil Queen.

  • The court jester tries to fool the King by providing him with fake princesses. / Sweet Little Beat has always been taken advantage of by her two scheming sisters. However, luck is on her side when she is able to recognize the "invisible" prince. / A traveling cat manages to win a rich bride for his friend, Dick Whittington. / Cinderella's Fairy Godmother makes her an unlikely deal in order to win her prince's love.

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