The Best of Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales

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"The Best of Tennessee Tuxedo and his Tales" is a collection of 15 of the titular cartoons. Tennessee Tuxedo was a scheming penguin who lived at a zoo with his best friend, a dim-witted walrus named Chumley. The two were always trying to escape from the zoo, much to the ire of their keeper Stanley Livingstone. They also got embroiled in a number of hare-brained schemes, thanks to Tennessee. The duo had a human ally, Dr. Phineas J. Whoopee, who would lecture them on a variety of topics ranging from hot air balloons to music.

Classic Media
1 Season, 7 Episodes
October 5, 1963
Animation & Cartoon
The Best of Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales

The Best of Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales Full Episode Guide

  • Tennessee wants to be in the Big Show so he learns how to make a recording/Tennessee and Chumley learn how to skydive and unintentionally help capture robbers/Tennessee and Chumley start a laundry business but need to learn how to make a washing machine work first

  • To show up his archenemy Tennessee plans to build a rocket/Tiger Tornado arrives at the zoo and conspires to take over the zoo from Tennessee Tuxedo

  • Tennessee is in competition to become commodore of the Megapolis Yacht Club and seeks sailing lessons from Professor Whoopee/Tennessee dreams he is in the Old West and learns how telegraphs work

  • Hired as bridge builders, Tennessee and Chumley's bridge prevents a group of bank robbers from making their escape/Tennessee Tuxedo receives a dog for his birthday and must construct a dog house to hide his new pet from Mr. Livingston

  • After Chumley shoots an arrow into the new Megapolis Zoo clock tower, Tennessee and Chumley must repair the clock before Stanley Livingston returns to the zoo/After destroying the original, Chumley and Tennessee must replace the zoo's new statue of Mr. Livingston

  • Tennessee decides to improve communication at the zoo by providing all of the animals with phone lines/Tennessee and Chumley sabotage the zoo's attempt to hire two professional deep sea divers because they want the job of bringing back a giant clam

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