Chachi's Dance to Uforia

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Chachi's Dance to Uforia is a 2014 true crime television program. The show looks at the residents of Widow's Corner, a notorious district of Miami where the residents are primarily homeless and addicted. The show follows a wide array of people including Leonard, who fought in the first Gulf War but suffered a debilitating injury as a result. He is addicted to alcohol and has a strained relationship with his family. Second the program follows Gina, who has a serious addiction to prescription pain medications and lives in an abandoned house with 30 other residents. It is rated TV-14.

1 Season, 8 Episodes
July 7, 2014
Documentary & Biography, Latino, Music, Reality
Cast: Olivia Irene Gonzales
Chachi's Dance to Uforia

Chachi's Dance to Uforia Full Episode Guide

  • "Chachi's Dance to Uforia" ends here-with Chachi performing onstage with Colombia reggaeton star J Balvin! Chachi busts a move in front of thousands of people.

  • Fact: Chachi loves Nelly's "Air Force Ones" because it makes her feel like a boss. So she ties up her Air Force 1's and hits a skate park in LA to dance to this throwback jam.

  • Chachi struts her best moves on an L.A. rooftop to Kid Ink's "Tuna Roll." The song has an it's-my-time-to-shine vibe, which Chachi totally slays.

  • Chachi is anything but tranquila as she dances to J Balvin's hit song. Watch Chachi as she sways her way around Los Angeles' Arts District with two dancers. Trrrranquila!

  • What do Becky G and Chachi Gonzales have in common? Besides similar sounding last names, they are both proud latinas, close to their fams, living in LA and slaying in their careers.

  • The one and only Chachi busts out some dope moves to Jake Miller's track "Hollywood." Dancing with her crew near recognizable LA landmarks (Walk of Fame, anyone?), this music video will have you ready to break it down....and go to Hollywood!

  • 5...4...3...2...1! Chachi has a team of dancers and she's ready to take on Hollywood thanks to rapper Jake Miller and his song about the city.

  • Chachi's life as a dancer began in Texas but Hollywood took her to the next level. Chachi's goes to Hollywood to live the dream.