Watch TV Shows on Flama

Flama, a channel developed by Univision and Bedrocket, is an on-line only network. But, like other television or cable stations, it's programming features a variety of shows; from comedy and sports to dramas and documentaries. But, unlike most of Univision's programming, the shows on Flama target teens, tweens and young adults. The shows are meant to be edgier and less serious than what is on regular Univision channels. And, although it is a Hispanic network, the shows are mostly in English. One of the programs on Flama is Salseras, a show about rival dancers that were once friends. Another, called Back Home, is a documentary series about adolescents that journey back to their family's original homes and countries.

In connection with Flama, Univision has developed several video series and shorts on Youtube. The Flama Youtube channel has dozens of, mostly humorous, videos covering things ranging from dating tips, to fake novelas, to current events shows that focus on news that effects the younger Hispanic community.

In order to connect directly with the youthful audience of Flama, in addition to the Youtube channel and its online channel, Flama has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. These also feature videos, like the serial show Rebel Report which showcases news for and about young Latin Americans. This show epitomizes what Flama is really about; it is humorous but informative, and it is all aimed at the youth of the Latin American community.