Christian Cowboy

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  • 2017
  • 1 Season

The Christian Cowboy series, from acclaimed Christian film producer Ken Anderson, is high on adventure and full of intrigue, but also clearly presents the wonderful Good News of the Gospel. Your kids will love the fantastic, colorful, animated, stories.

Christian Cowboy
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Secrets Of Sinbad
4. Secrets Of Sinbad
January 1, 1986
The Christian Cowboy became suspicious when Professor Sinbad brought his colorful wagon onto Main Street and began selling his Canyon Root Elixir. Tom and Jenny helped the Christian Cowboy solve the mystery of puppets who talked when they were supposed to be silent, plus the theft of jewels, watches, and wallets.
Tale Of The Comet
3. Tale Of The Comet
January 1, 1986
Wisdom Rock. Ancient legend said it fell from the tale of a comet. The gypsies sought this regal stone for knowledge of the future. With the help of the Christian Cowboy, they discover the wisdom only God can give.
Badrock Valley Gang
2. Badrock Valley Gang
January 1, 1986
Suddenly, a strange disease began to kill the rancher's cattle. Then, the new veterinarian came up with a strange scheme to buy the cattle cheap. It took the Christian Cowboy to corral the plot and bring the Badrock Valley Gang to justice.
1. Danger On The Pioneer Express
1. 1. Danger On The Pioneer Express
February 10, 2017
The railroad promised to open the West for Pioneer Junction, but when the Sheriff caught wind of a sinister plot to destroy the Pioneer Express, he enlisted Brent Towers, the Christian Cowboy, to investigate. With God's help, and his two young friends, Tom and Jenny, they saved the train, and learned some valuable lessons from the Bible about being good citizens.
  • Premiere Date
    February 10, 2017