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This exciting TV series centers around a person ,or family, that needs to really clean house as they have horded, or messed up, their house in such a way that it is a terrible mess. Each week in the TV series takes a cluttered house, and its occupants, to get the help of host Tempestt Bledsoe. Which with her crew of interior designers and organizers, clean house. The TV series centers on what stays and what goes, in the restructuring of the home.

It has a fascinating way of getting you involved in the process. The group then has a giant yard sale to get rid of the mess and clean house. The money from the giant yard sale and other funds, then is put into a needed home makeover that is fantastic, creating a whole new clean and wonderful look.

The show has a way of captivating the audience into the need for cleaning house, and has a little piece of each one of us in it. With each week that someone is picked there is a different theme that needs to be addressed, like hording to such a extreme there is no room to move. There seems to be so many miss fit ways to mess up a house or yard, that it makes great drama today. When host Tempestt Bledsoe gets her crew in action they use a common sense approach you can really relate to. It is hard to understand some of the human nature that allows this mess in the first place, and that adds to the effects of the TV series. With the help of good interior design the home comes miraculously back to looking great, and the amazing thing is the drama of some people to resist so much, and want to put their dirty ways on their family. This drama makes this series really very interesting.

The series makes one wonder why people have decided what they have choose to keep. The giant yard sales are great and fun to watch as they unfold the drama of the contents of the house. Why the occupants did not think to do this is really hard to understand, and really adds to the viewers suspense.

Everyone in the series does a fantastic job at making the show very interesting. The real drama is of course why the house is so messy in the first place. It is very good drama to try to understand the reasons that the family has created in it being that way. Clean house's crew helps them to move forward in a clean and healthy environment that is pleasant to watch, and is like a hero conquering a villain in the end.

Clean House is a series that is currently running and has 10 seasons (209 episodes). The series first aired on September 3, 2003.

Where do I stream Clean House online? Clean House is available for streaming on Style, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Clean House on demand at Hulu, NBC online.

Wednesday 10:00 PM et/pt on Style
10 Seasons, 209 Episodes
September 3, 2003
Cast: Mark Brunetz, Niecy Nash, Matt Iseman, Trish Suhr
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Clean House Full Episode Guide

  • A Mother's unique collections are too much for her daughters. Can the Clean House Team restore peace and order to this madhouse?

  • The CH team answers the call of a DJ whose old clutter is smothering his chance at a new life.

  • An eccentric magician has cast a clutter spell on his house. Can the Clean House crew reverse the spell?

  • The Strung Out yard sale has some great rock 'n' roll finds--but there's bad news. Find out why Matt is M.I.A.

  • A mother & daughter are ready to attack each other over their messes - can the CH gang clear out the clutter before someone gets seriously hurt?

  • Clean House takes on one of the messiest homes in America.

  • Best of the Worst Messiest Home Moments

  • In this special episode, Matt Iseman follows up with some of the messiest Clean House families to see if they've maintained their homes.

  • The Clean House team helps the Miller family with it's overflow of clutter and bickering.

  • The Clean House team saves a San Francisco woman from drowning in her sea of punk rock memorabilia.

  • A slob wants to clean up his act to improve his love life.

  • An out-of-control collector has turned her family's home into a dumping ground. Can the team take her house from cluttered to clean?

  • The Clean House team is put to the test as they try to save a Veteran and his family from their mess.

  • An overwhelmed mother of three has reached her boiling point. Can the Clean House team save her sanity and her home?

  • Can the Clean House Crew help this family clean up?

  • A family is lacking team effort in the cleaning department.

  • This newlywed couple is being torn apart by all the clutter in their home.

  • Trish is in love with the Hirsch family's positive attitude and Helene's major makeover! See how this mom and daughter duo won her over.

  • How did Mark capture the flair of a Vietnamese family when the parents and children can't agree style? Find out!

  • The Gamble house is full of lazy people. Can Tempestt and the team motivate them change their ways?

  • Matt dishes on the hottest day in "Clean House" history! How did the crew handle the 3-digit temp? Find out.

  • Brian promised Lisa he would clean up his act when she moved in but hasn't followed through. Can the crew help these newlyweds create a love nest where they can live happily ever after?

  • The Martin & Conlon home is filled with clutter and contention; can the Clean House team rescue them from their messy ways and stop their fighting forever?

  • A married homeowner reveals his peculiar interest in a stone-cold beauty. See why his wife is okay with the arrangement.

  • Control-freak and hoarder Jon doesn't like anyone touching his stuff. Hear how he punished his wife for buying a bookcase.

  • This head mess maker drives a hard bargain when it comes to her stuff. See what she's willing to ditch to get new floors

  • Are you a clutter bug looking for love? Then, call Clutter Line to meet sexy singles who like the same crap as you.

  • The Hererra kids are grown up, but they won't leave home.

  • A family has a dirty little secret behind closed doors.

  • The Brumana family is so busy they are unable to keep their house in order. Can the clean house crew help them?

  • Want an inexpensive way to breathe new life into built-in cabinets? Handyman Matt Iseman shares three easy steps!

  • See a fast and simple way to have the entire family help with laundry duty. All you need are two hampers.

  • Did Mark nail a picky homeowner's design vision? Here's your chance to critique his work.

  • Where is the best place to store medication? Trish offers the right prescription for organizing a home dispensary.