Watch TV Shows on Style

The Style Network is a reality based television show network surrounding fashion for both men and women, beauty and home make over shows. This network was originally viewed as Style network and once it was revamped and redesigned, it became Esquire Network.

On this network you will find everything from fashion, travel, cooking. You will find shows that are make over shows for the home or shows about high end fashion designers and what the latest fashion is all about.

The targeted viewers are young, vibrant and all about style. The network was revamped to include male viewers in their fan base. Males that were not into sports, but into interior design and fashion. This channel also includes shows related to interior design and real estate. This network had to do some regrouping after receiving low ratings, so they decided to come back with a vengeance. By doing so, they found that having this network based upon high fashion, model shows, real estate home make overs and fashion make overs will attract a wider variety of a viewing audience which would include the male population.

The majority of the shows placed on this network deal with real life fashion and style divas. This is where the world revolves around fashion, style and knowing what's in and what's not.