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In this TV series, Louise Roe a British fashion expert takes under her wing ordinary woman in each episode. She puts them through many confidence building exercises, helping them face fears and transform their personalities to how they feel they should be. Not only does she transform their personalities but their looks as well from clothing, makeup, hairstyling, and yes even their footwear. She gives them a whole new look.

With a new look and a brand new sense of confidence she gets out of each woman who their secret crush is. Once she has found out who this lucky man is, she sets them up on a romantic date. This is what all her confidence training has been building up for. The chance for them to reveal to their crush that they have feelings for them. Not only that but these women can see themselves for who they are if they so choose.

We get to watch each of these women who believe they can not become beautiful go from a duckling to a swan. Their dreams come true and their overall perspective of themselves are changed. They learn that even if the man of their dreams does not feel the same they have made an improvement on themselves and can accomplish anything with their new attitude.

Unknowingly they learn how to voice their opinions without being afraid of negative feedback and to be true to themselves. Lessons can be learned in some of these episodes such as "Friend Zone Jane." Don't be afraid to admit your feelings because you can and most likely will lose an opportunity that you may never again have.

Going from ordinary to rocking a hot new style this show explains both sides of the story. Showing how an ordinary woman with ordinary looks can become comfortable in their own skin in a style that flatters them. Beauty from within can push outwards and make each and everyone of these women's lives is truly changed for the better after Louise enters their lives.

Plain Jane is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (9 episodes). The series first aired on July 28, 2010.

Where do I stream Plain Jane online? Plain Jane is available for streaming on Style, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Plain Jane on demand at Amazon, Vudu, iTunes online.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on Style
2 Seasons, 9 Episodes
July 28, 2010
Cast: Louise Roe
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Plain Jane Full Episode Guide

  • Jamie is mentored on how to become a confident, sexy lady.

  • Sarah, is a young American girl studying in the U.K. She is always a disheveled mess, which doesn't help her nerves around guys she fancies.

  • Jane Plus reaches out to Louise after losing a life-changing 100 pounds and seeks her help with her co-worker crush.

  • Conservative Jane asks Louise to transform her from a girl who is ready for church to a girl who has a shot with her dream guy.

  • Louise helps a young farm girl who has transplanted to Hollywood to become a writer. This "Jane" works at a coffee shop during the day and works on her writing at night. Louise will transform her to a beauty who demands a second chance with the awkward date she had recently.

  • Louise takes this Jane outside her comfort zone by going speed dating and sky diving to gain courage to reveal her true feelings to her crush.

  • In the series premiere of Plain Jane, fashion expert and host Loiuse Roe helps an uncomfortably shy Jane shed her "friend" status with her longtime crush.