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The show begins with different kids from different areas of the United States and all sorts of areas. They are all overweight. Some are just moderately overweight while others are extremely overweight to the point that they can barely walk. They are to go to school at this camp.

During their time here, there are a few things that they are doing. Each week, they begin with a weigh in. They see if they have lost anything or if they have gained anything. They also then learn that if they get into trouble or go off the routine that has been designed for them, then they lose privileges such as how long they get on the phone to call home.

During their stay here, they sleep in cabins. They are assigned a tutor who leads them in classes. They also meet with a nutritionist as they learn how to make the right choices when they eat. They are assigned a personal trainer who leads them in exercise routines. They also have a counselor they are to meet with as losing weight is said to be more mind over matter than anything else.

In some episodes, you see how they encourage the kids to make the right choices. Each season, they have it where they take the kids out to eat to a buffet. The point of this is to get them to see that they have to choose the right things to eat. Sometimes they go to a sit down restaurant so they can practice how to order. They have the kids volunteering to run marathons and also they have them participating off campus in other opportunities to exercise and socialize with kids who might be a bit smaller than them weight wise. The biggest challenge is when kids have to face going home where they are away from the routine that was enforced and they are left to do the right thing with family who might not be as supportive as the kids might want them to be.

Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (23 episodes). The series first aired on August 9, 2010.

Where do I stream Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back online? Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back is available for streaming on Style, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back on demand at iTunes online.

Mondays at 8:00 pm et/pt on Style
2 Seasons, 23 Episodes
August 9, 2010
Documentary & Biography
Cast: John Taylor, Tanisha Mitchell
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Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back Full Episode Guide

  • Tanisha shares her weight-loss journey.

  • The students go home for the summer and struggle with their weight and family issues.

  • The graduates reflect on their long journey through the weight-loss program.

  • A photo session helps the students face their body-image issues.

  • The students go camping and discover essential survival tips.

  • Angry feelings are exposed during a dodgeball tournament.

  • The students confront their parents and things get heated.

  • The students enter a dance marathon, struggling to stay up all night and battling food temptations

  • The new term starts and so do the weigh-ins. The first one is hard on everyone and a family loss for one student makes it even harder.

  • Petrified of knowing how much she really weighs, 16-year-old Ashley Renwick is in for a shock when she steps on the scale.

  • A bullying expert educates the students how to deal with this serious problem.

  • Post holiday blues are intensified with an intense fitness challenge.

  • The students struggle to stay on program as they battle the biggest food holiday of the year.

  • The students face their fears when scaling a 40 foot-high tight rope and later battle the demons of forbidden treats.

  • The students deal with family secrets during Parent's Weekend.

  • The students compete against each other at the first annual Wellspring Triathlon.

  • The students take on the Wellspring staff members and then their own family members, who don't understand why they're fat.

  • Scotty, Tanisha and Emily return to Wellspring with renewed spirits to eat healthy. The new semester brings in the biggest student to ever arrive on campus.

  • The students are challenged with staying on track with their healthy habits while at home for spring break and then running a 5k.

  • It's parent's weekend and the students are excited to dine outside of the academy although it will be challenging with their healthier lifestyles now.

  • Obese teenagers continue their quest to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.

  • New and returning students head to Wellspring Academy of the Carolinas.

Too Fat For 15: Fighting Back News

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