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Made in Chelsea is a reality TV show that features scripted scenes allowing the main characters to portray highly stylized versions of themselves. The show is produced by Monkey Kingdom for the U.K. cable network E4, for whom four seasons have been produced of 60 minute episodes and a number of Christmas specials broadcast on U.K. TV. Made in Chelsea is often compared to the similar U.K. scripted reality TV show The Only Way is Essex; the show is popular because the main characters are rich and many the children or descendents of powerful U.K. families, such as the Sassoon family.

The first season of Made in Chelsea focused on a small number of characters living and working in the wealthy London borough of Chelsea; the show uses locations in expensive central London districts, such as Belgravia and the Kings Road. The main stories of the first season focused on the love lives of the main characters; much of the focus remained on the relationship between Spencer and Caggie, childhood friends who had never acted on the undoubted attraction between them. Their relationship was often interrupted by the presence of a former girlfriend of Spencer, called Funda. Spencer's friend Hugo was also involved in a difficult relationship as he tried to decide who he should date between Rosie and Millie.

As the season's have progressed new characters havbe been added to the show, many of whom have been introduced as the love interest of an existing character. One of the major characteristics of each episode is the cast preparing for an event before arriving at a party or function where they come into contact with a rival or former love interest. During each event the cast get together and discuss their feelings for each other; during season four Spencer holds a birthday party at which a number of relationships either end or decisions made to try to progress them further.

Made in Chelsea is a Reality series that is currently running and has 15 seasons (198 episodes). The series first aired on November 12, 2012. It has mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.7.

Made in Chelsea is available for streaming on the Style website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Made in Chelsea on demand at hayu online.

Monday 10:00 PM et/pt on Style
15 Seasons, 198 Episodes
November 12, 2012
Cast: Ollie Locke, Mark-Francis Vandelli, Louise Thompson, Stephanie Pratt, Georgia Toffolo
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Made in Chelsea Full Episode Guide

  • Ellie Taylor and the entire cast celebrate the end of series 15 with all the gossip, drama and latest on Liv and Digby, Sam and Habbs and Jamie and Ell

  • Jamie is on a mission to impress Ell, but she and Miles strike up a French connection. Sam drops everything to support Olivia, while a unicorn threatens to cause trouble at Toff's 'twisted tea party'.

  • Olivia reverts to her old lifestyle of partying with Alex, while James plants doubt in Sam's mind about Habbs. And Jamie introduces Ell to the group.

  • Sam is keen to continue on from his holiday romance with Habbs, but is she playing it cool now they're back in Chelsea? James tries to impress Toff with a fun night.

  • Olivia leaves Digby in London and heads to Sri Lanka to re-evaluate her relationship. Back in Chelsea, Ollie drops by to play matchmaker to Toff and James.

  • Liv questions her relationship with Digby, so Harry organises a non-couples trip away to clear her mind. And Francis dusts off his old ballet shoes.

  • Louise is fed up of Ryan being sidelined since Alik's return. Sam Prince is in trouble as his cheating is confirmed, and Mark Francis dreams of being a superstar DJ and recruits Alex to help him.

  • Harry and Sam Prince are forced to spend time together when their girlfriends arrange a night out, but their mutual dislike gets the better of them

  • Louise and Ryan celebrate their anniversary, but a visit from Alik's father rains on their parade. Miles spreads rumours, while Sam Thompson introduces a new love interest.

  • Jamie gets more stressed following Melody's decision to stay in Chelsea - is there something he's hiding from her? And Toff finds a new admirer.

  • How will Jamie react to the news that Melody might be settling in Chelsea for good? And Melissa has to decide whether to trust Harry or call it a day.

  • Jamie is keen to introduce his holiday romance Melody to Chelsea, while Harry's relationship with Melissa comes under threat when Mimi has a revelation

  • Rick Edwards hosts a gathering of festive fun along with some seriously awkward reunions and a Nativity scene with a Chelsea twist

  • Make-ups and break-ups abound as the Christmas festivities get under way. Will the festive mood bring everyone together or will seasonal goodwill fall short?

  • Jamie is still texting Frankie but also taking Clemmie out on a date. Things come to a head at Liv and Digby's dinner party. Meanwhile, Louise and Mimi help Sam get back into the dating game.

  • Jamie is jealous when Frankie starts dating James Taylor. Ryan declares his love for Louise by tattoo, while Sophie decides to throw a circus-themed party.

  • Jamie tries to play peacemaker between Louise and Alik, while Sam Prince's friend James catches Frankie's eye. Mark Francis and Victoria plan a big party for Toff's birthday.

  • Things heat up as Louise's ex Alik flies in to Chelsea. Harry is keen to secure a second date with Frankie after Tuscany, but Jamie may have other ideas.

  • Liv and Digby's fledgling romance blossoms under a Tuscan sun, while Sam takes drastic action to erase all memories of Tiff

  • Francis and Proudlock try to get Jamie back out on the dating game. The animosity between Mimi and Tiff comes to a head as Tiff goes on a date with Charlie.

  • Jamie and Frankie can't seem to leave the past in the past, while new kid on the block Charlie finds himself in an awkward love triangle with arch rivals Mimi and Tiff

  • Keen to try and move on from Frankie, Jamie organises a singles party with Alex, but is his heart really in it? Tiff sees red with Mimi after announcing her plans for a vegan cafe.

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