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The Amazing Race on CBS is one of the most successful reality shows on television, and there are plenty of reasons why. The combination of personalities put under stress while they race around the world coupled with the chance for viewers to experience another culture through the competitors is hard to resist.

When The Amazing Race first came on the air in September 2001, it was a breath of fresh air in television programming. The first few episodes were eye-popping visually and that high standard has been maintained throughout the series run.

The sheer variety of locations visited helps to make the race amazing. Add in the personal interplay, and there's a winning formula. Admittedly, some of the cast members chosen are a bit irritating, but that's part of the draw of the Amazing Race.

How cast members interact with the locals is sometimes a case study in cultural differences. Contestants range from the archetype of the "ugly American" to people who are able to seemingly melt into each culture for the short time they are there.

Those are the ones who are fun to root for, the contestants who are in it for the experience along with the money. Everyone would love to win $1 million dollars, but the players who are able to be competitive while learning more about the world around them are the biggest winners.

From the viewer's standpoint, the show allows us to vicariously experience the places and obstacles teams see. Every episode delves into a different part of the particular destination. The producers stay away from making each show just about who is faster at racing. Teams must use their minds almost as much as their physical ability.

The unknown always awaits. A team can be sailing along out in front and get set back to the end just by getting in the wrong taxi. They could choose the wrong task and see their fortune disappear while they try to wrangle a camel or the like.

The Amazing Race has been a television success story because the show works to stay fresh. They win by choosing unique destinations and obstacles, trying different cast combinations, and staying true to the format. Hopefully, The Amazing Race will be around for many more seasons.

Wednesday 8:00 PM et/pt on CBS
30 Seasons, 360 Episodes
September 5, 2001
Cast: Phil Keoghan
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The Amazing Race Full Episode Guide

  • With the one million dollars on the line, the final four teams race through Hong Kong and San Francisco on the quest to cross the final finish line first. After 10 countries, 21 cities and more than 29,000 miles, host Phil Keoghan will crown one team the winners of the 30th Race around the world.

  • For the first time, the Race travels to Bahrain, where one team's game is on the line when one of them misplaces their passport. Also, scorpions are on the menu for Racers in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

  • The stakes are high when teams face the dreaded double U-turn and racers struggle to navigate the streets of Prague while delivering kegs to a local party.

  • Things get slimy at a fishy challenge, and Racers scale buildings and run through the narrow streets of Tangiers, Morocco.

  • For the first time ever, teams square off head-to-head in a competition to earn their place on the mat and avoid elimination.

  • Teams begin their adventure in Washington Square Park in New York City and immediately travel to their first destination, Iceland, where they must traverse a massive canyon high above the Geitargljufur River.

  • The final three teams race to Chicago where they must complete their last challenges within the city's most iconic landmarks, including Wrigley Field, the home of the World Series champion Chicago Cubs, before they dash to the finish line.

  • The final four teams race through Seoul, South Korea to clinch a spot in the finale and a chance to race for the one million dollar prize.

  • Teams battle the scorching heat while transporting shrimp baskets for one mile to a local fisherman, and one Racer approaches their breaking point during the exhausting Roadblock.

  • An extreme fear of heights paralyzes one Racer at a Roadblock when faced with bungee jumping 240 feet from a bridge into the Corinth Canal.

  • While driving to the Detour, one team ends up going the wrong way, and a surprising U-turn causes friction between racers.

  • Teams race through Venice, Italy where one team reaches a breaking point in a frantic search for a water taxi.

  • Several teams come together and target one set of Racers at the double U-turn in Italy.

  • The teams compete in a Roadblock by helping build a 13-story bonfire in Norway.

  • Tension surfaces between two teams in Tanzania following a previously played U-turn.

  • While in Zanzibar, Tanzania teams construct and deliver desks to a local school. Also, tensions rise when teams face a blind double U-turn, and one team could be eliminated when they misplace their passports.

  • The teams race in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Two teams clash when one team breaks their word.

  • In the season premiere, 22 strangers start the race in Los Angeles and then pair up to form 11 teams who then fly to the first destination, Panama City.

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The Amazing Race News

'The Amazing Race' Cast Announced; Includes Olympians, 'Survivor' Winners, NFL Player (Video)

The 10th anniversary season of "The Amazing Race" starts September 25th, and the show's producers are pulling out all the stops, assembling a team of accomplished athletes, adventurers, reality contestants and regular race fanatics for the show's opening episode. Watch the video announcement and see a list of the new contestants here.

Doctors Nat Strand and Kat Chang bag $1million, record history in 'The Amazing Race' Season 17 Finale

Pal doctors Nat Strand and Kat Chang made history in The Amazing Race as the first team of women who bagged the $ 1 million grand prize during the season 17 finale of CBS reality show.

Strand and Chang were the first contestants who reached their final destination and cross the finish line on Sunday at the terrace of the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, LA.

The two-woman doctors competed with second place winner Brook Roberts and Claire Champlin from San Diego California and Reno, Nevada respectively and both are home shopping network hosts and third place winner Jill Han

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