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Ruby is a television series based on a true story of a fair spirited overweight woman. Ruby is almost 400 pounds. She cannot hardly move around or get out. When she does get out, the results are often tragic. Society is so mean. This poor woman is fairly happy, until she is constantly reminded how she looks is more important to society, than what is on the inside. She hears and sees and kids and even adults look at her, and point or snicker, as though she isn't even there. As though she doesn't have any feelings because she is 'fat'. How awful!

I felt so sorry for her, to know she could not be treated normal because of her appearance. This is a terrible society we live in, in America. You have to fit in, look a certain way, dress a certain way, and even act a certain way, or you are an outcast. This is horrible, we should all be ashamed of ourselves. Stereotyping disgusts me, and thankfully I didn't raise my children this way.

This poor woman can't get a seat on a bus, she is too big, she has to have a ride in a larger size car. After getting so large, Ruby must be careful to try not to get any infections, from not being able to clean herself properly, because she simply can't reach all her parts well.

She stays in bed a lot, because she can't really go far, she doesn't have the energy. For this reason, she also lives like a slob, because she can't throw her trash away from food, when she is done, dirty dishes are a bit of an issue. She can't hardly cook, so she tends to eat quick unhealthy things.

The doctors are very worried about her health, because we all know it is very unhealthy to be so overweight. She is lonely, her boyfriend left her because he couldn't deal with it, it was just too much to bear, and sad for her health as well. She is trying to lose weight, but after getting to this stage, it is very tough for her.

Ruby is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (41 episodes). The series first aired on November 9, 2008.

Where do I stream Ruby online? Ruby is available for streaming on Style, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Ruby on demand at NBC, iTunes online.

Sunday 8:00 PM et/pt on Style
4 Seasons, 41 Episodes
November 9, 2008
Cast: Julie Lemieux, Katie Griffin, Samantha Morton, Joan Cusack, Billy Rosemberg
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Ruby Full Episode Guide

  • Ruby struggles with her weight while in New York City and is invited to the Rosie O'Donnell radio show.

  • Ruby finally makes a breakthrough during a session with Paula White.

  • Ruby has difficulty recommitting to a plan and connects to her "little girl" as she babysits for a friend.

  • A friend's engagement party causes Ruby to reflect on her issues with Denny.

  • Ruby gets a hair makeover in anticipation of her first date in years.

  • Ruby faces her weight gain and is confronted by her trainer about whether she has a desire to lose weight.

  • Ruby and her friends arrive in Los Angeles to help Georgia's son Ben settle into Music College. Ruby attempts to lose weight the L.A. way.

  • With the assistance of Paula White and some of her childhood friends, Ruby searches for the truth about her past.

  • Ruby is saddened because of her weight gain, which sends her into a deeper depression. She also discovers letters she wrote to herself as a teenager.

  • Ruby and ex-boyfriend, Denny, attend a couples counseling session with Dr. Jane following an uncomfortable meeting.

  • Get the lowdown on the types of problems that trigger people to become food addicts!

  • Ruby and her friends take on their weight issues by signing up for a six-day weight program.

  • Ruby takes self defense classes and shooting lessons and conquers one of her fears.

  • To avoid the Holiday temptations, Ruby challenges her friends to create healthy alternatives to traditional foods.

  • Ruby goes on a trip to L.A. with her ex and looks into plastic surgery to get rid of her excess skin.

  • Ruby sets her sights on conquering a steep mountain--but can she hike to the top? You'll have to watch!

  • Ruby's therapist makes a suggestion of replacing bad things with healthier options in her life.

  • Ruby spends a night in a sleep clinic and then her childhood physician tries to help her fill in some of her lost memories.

  • Ruby encourages a plus size teenage girl to enroll in a beauty pageant.

  • Ruby's ex, Denny, invites her to get away with him. Ruby considers getting into a swimsuit for the first time.

  • Ruby goes on a trip to Mississippi but takes a detour to fill in some missing gaps in her childhood memory.

  • Plagued by recurring nightmares, Ruby tries to get help from a new therapist and a new recovery program to overcome the mental aspects of her weight issues.