Cooking Up Soul

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Chef Lawrence Page, owner of the famous Pink Tea Cup in Brooklyn and star of Hustle & Soul on WE tv, takes you inside the most iconic soul food dishes.

1 Season, 6 Episodes
December 5, 2020
Cooking Up Soul

Cooking Up Soul Full Episode Guide

  • Can you over-smother your pork chops? You bet! The right balance of gravy to meat is important to achieving the right taste and texture.  The same is true for your relationship.  Smothering is an art.  It’s different for every type of meat and every type of couple.  In this episode, Lawrence tells the twins how to strike this right balance in all areas of life.

  • Fried chicken is THE classic soul food dish.

  • Lawrence takes the twins to school on real vs. fake - in life and in crab.

  • Southern gumbo is steeped in tradition and history. A good gumbo uses fresh and local ingredients, and takes time to simmer and blend flavors. In this episode, Lawrence shows the twins how to make a traditional gumbo that takes time and patients to create. Relationships also need time and a blending of hearts and minds to be the best they can be. Watch for LP

  • Life imitates food in so many ways. In this lesson, Lawrence teaches the twins how to make a layered banana pudding that

  • In relationships, it