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  • 2007
  • 1 Season

Crash Kings, a thrilling automotive television show offered exclusively on Motor Trend OnDemand, takes viewers on a high-octane journey through the tumultuous and adrenaline-fueled world of motorsports. Set in the year 1969, this captivating series immerses enthusiasts in the exhilarating realm of auto racing — a time when speed and danger coexisted on the track, pushing drivers and their cars to the limits.

This gripping show introduces us to a wide array of charismatic racers, teams, and vehicles, all vying for victory in various fiercely competitive racing disciplines. From the deep-rooted traditions of drag racing to the rough and tumble world of stock car competition, Crash Kings explores the exhilarating challenges that drivers face behind the wheel, accompanied by spectacular visuals and a powerful narrative.

The show is divided into several engaging episodes, each focusing on a particular race event or motorsport series. Whether it's the incredibly fast and precise maneuvers found in Formula One, the heart-pounding battles in the iconic American muscle cars of Trans-Am racing, or the breathtaking spectacle of endurance racing in the famous 24 Hours of Le Mans, Crash Kings leaves no stone unturned in its quest to showcase the most exciting and dangerous racing moments of the time.

Viewers are instantly transported to the vibrant atmospheres of legendary racetracks such as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Nurburgring, and Monza, where they witness the raw power, skill, and determination of these racing icons. By delving deep into the world of motorsports in this turbulent era, Crash Kings captures the essence of what made racing in 1969 so captivating: the bond between car and driver, the fierce rivalries, the triumphs, and the heartaches.

Narrated by a seasoned and enthusiastic commentator, the show provides valuable insights into the technical aspects of racing, as well as the compelling stories behind each competitor. From the meticulous mechanics fine-tuning powerful engines to the drivers honing their skills, viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of the incredible effort exerted to ensure success on the track.

Crash Kings also takes viewers beyond the racing action, providing a glimpse into the lives and personalities of the drivers themselves. Between heart-stopping laps, we learn about their upbringing, ambitions, and the sacrifices they make to pursue their passion. Their individual stories add an emotional depth to the racing spectacle, resonating with viewers and reminding them of the human element inherent in such a thrilling and danger-filled sport.

Furthermore, Crash Kings doesn't just focus on professional racing; it also grants attention to grassroots motorsports, where aspiring drivers compete in small local events, showcasing their passion, determination, and love for the sport. This inclusion highlights the full spectrum of racing talent and reinforces the accessibility of motorsports, inspiring individuals from all walks of life to follow their dreams.

With its rich historical backdrop, Crash Kings vividly recreates the spirit of racing in 1969, capturing the essence of an era characterized by rebelliousness, innovation, and record-breaking feats. Motor Trend OnDemand offers enthusiasts an unrivaled opportunity to witness the sights, sounds, and thrills of this iconic time in motorsport history through the lens of Crash Kings. So buckle up and prepare for an unforgettable journey back to a time when motorsports pushed the boundaries of speed, danger, and human capability.

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Every Motocross rider falls off. It is just a question of how often which separates the men from the boys! Even world champions are not exempt as we experience 300 crashes, smashes and wipeouts from the spectacular to the slightly sad. It? not surprising there are a lot of coming together when 50 bikes head off for the same 10 metres of track at the first corner!
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2007