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Martin Odum is an undercover agent for the Federal Bureau Of Investigation in the dramatic television series Legend. As the show progresses, agent Martin Odum begins to become skeptical about whether or not to trust certain people. Being an undercover agent, Martin Odum is able to transform himself into whichever person he would like to be. This gives Odum multiple personalities throughout the show.

The show begins to take a twist when Odum receives some interesting information from an unknown source. The source reveals Martin may not be the agent who he thinks he is. Finding out the true identity of Martin Odum becomes the main plot of the television show, along with solving a kidnapping case involving a former Russian chemistry expert.

The former Russian chemistry expert is thought to have been taken by Russian kidnappers in order to help the Russian Military create a weapon with the intent to destroy America.

Legends is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (20 episodes). The series first aired on August 13, 2014.

Legends is available for streaming on the website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Legends on demand atAmazon Prime, Amazon, Hulu, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, iTunes, IMDb TV online.

2 Seasons, 20 Episodes
August 13, 2014
Crime Drama
Cast: Sean Bean, Ali Larter, Morris Chestnut, Tina Majorino, Steve Harris
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Legends Full Episode Guide

  • Marin conspires with the Russians to save Kate. Also, Pres. Arsanov's plot for Kate moves forward in Chechnya; Gabi ponders what to do about her spouse; and Martin's real identity is brought to light.

  • In modern day Prague, Martin and Nina look for Tamir's colleague Beslan to find answers concerning the threat on the summit and Kate's whereabouts. Also, two Chechen assassins put their plan into action. Malika, Tamir's spouse, orders Beslan to do something that might save their lives. In 2001 Prague, Ballard is injured and Dmitry fights to finish his assignment without breaking promises.

  • In current day Prague, Martin returns to work for Tamir, but Tamir has different plans for him. Gabi questions Blazek about his secret affairs. Kate is imprissioned at the President's compound in Chechnya. In 201 Prague, Dmitry has to talk Tamir into continuing where Doku left off and gain General Arsanov's trust. Ballard and Gabi believe Dmitry and Ilyana have planned to commit murder.

  • In modern day Prague, Kate ends up missing, and Martin is afraid she has been kidnapped. Martin proposes something dangerous to Nina and Simon in order to get her back. Gabi finds out that Blazek might be dangerously connected to Tamir. In 2001 Prague, Ballard and Gabi use unethical practices to threaten Dmitry. In 1985 England, Alex wonders if his friend Terrence has began to use brutal methods.

  • In current time Paris, Martin gets Kate ready for a hazardous job that Simon isn't sure she can deal with. In Prague, Gabi questions the intelligence agents about Martin Odum and feels they are hiding information. In 2001 Prague, Ballard and Gabi find a vulnerable side of Dmitry. In 1984 England, Alex is hired for a special position, but discovers it comes with sacrifice.

  • In current day Paris, Nina and MI-6 agent Simon Hardy present Kate with a deal that Martin isn't happy about, but may have to go along with anyway. Ballard persuades the FBI to let him take Martin down. In 2001 Prague, Dmitry recruits Ilyana to be an MI-6 operative and assigns her to a task. In 1976 England, we find out about Terrence's secret life.

  • In present day Paris, Kate is a fugitive because of her connection to a violent attack.

  • Martin races against time to find Kate in Paris. He is certain that the protest she is going to will become violent. In 2001 Prague, Dmitri finds out that he may need Doku's wife Ilyana to draw close to Doku Zakayev. In 1991 Lithuania, young Ballard is caught in a situation that will influence his life forever.

  • Martin makes contact with Ilyana Crawford at last, in modern day London. When he finds no answers, he looks to Ilyana's teen girl. In 2001 Prague, Dmitry is on task to find a wanted war fugitive who is possibly linked to the Chechen gangsters.

  • Martin discovers a possible assassination plot, led by a mysterious figure named John Cameron. When Martin gets abducted, he makes a stunning discovery about his own identity.

  • Martin escapes an interrogation and discovers that Sonya and Aiden have been abducted. As he looks for them, he makes a stunning discovery about his own identity.

  • Martin poses as a journalist as he attempts to identify the true assassins of Prince Abdullah.

  • A Saudi prince's life is in danger when he visits Los Angeles. Martin's investigation leads him to encounter a beautiful female-rights advocate.

  • When Kyle Dobson is taken into custody following a shoot out, his mysterious employers order hit men to retrieve him, forcing Martin to plan a desperate escape with him back to Los Angeles.

  • In the aftermath of his run-in with the Colonel, Martin is put on leave. He begins to dig into his own past, learning that an enigmatic smuggler in Houston could hold all the answers.

  • After Martin purchases VX gas from the Colonel and Ana Paulanos, they get captured. One of the Colonel's followers releases the gas and threatens to so again if he and Ana aren't' released.

  • Martin goes undercover as an international arms dealer to rescue kidnapped chemist Richard Hubbard and track the sale of VX gas. Along the way, he connects with a beautiful arms trader and becomes romantically involved with her.

  • Martin, Crystal and Troy infiltrate the Chechen mob, after a high school chemistry teacher and his family are abducted.

  • In the series premiere, Martin Odum, a deep cover operative, has the ability to disguise himself perfectly for each spy job. But because he is so good at it he begins to question his own true identity.