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"Crusoe" (2008) was a TV drama that was loosely based on Daniel Defoe's novel "Robinson Crusoe." As in the novel, the title character is shipwrecked on an island and remains there for six years. His only companion is Friday, a native that he'd rescued from cannibals. Their island gets a surprising number of visitors in the form of pirates, mutineers, and the like.

1 Season, 12 Episodes
October 17, 2008
Cast: Philip Winchester
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Crusoe Full Episode Guide

  • Crusoe and Friday struggle to fend off the men from the sunken boat, once they realize that Mr. Blackthorn and his men are there to harm them and steal their belongings from the treehouse. Crusoe finds out what Mr. Blackthorn is up to from an unwilling Samuel Tuffley.

  • While searching for food, Friday and Crusoe see a ship's rocket explode. They head out to see if a ship has in fact arrived, but are disappointed when they see the ship leaving the shore.

  • Crusoe is out looking for duck eggs when a mysterious warrior surprises him and steals of lock of hair. After consulting with Friday, Crusoe realizes he is the target of a vicious manhunt. Friday devises a plan to fend off the three warriors but is quickly defeated and must decide to save himself or Crusoe.

  • Crusoe is overjoyed--and somewhat mystified--when Susannah appears on the island. Later, while searching for Friday, Crusoe and Susannah's lives are endangered after coming across someone else on the island.

  • Crusoe and Friday make a plan to steal the mutineers boat and free the captain before they can leave the island. But a traitor in the captain's crew spoils their plans.

  • Now that the mutineers' ship has been fixed, he must think of a new plan to get on it and off the island, once someone discloses his plan to the ship's captain.

  • Friday has become severly ill and insane, and it's up to Olivia and Crusoe to find the rare plant that will cure him.

  • Crusoe is racked with guilt as he contemplates stealing the boat of cannibals that have arrived on the island because of the two surprising captives that they would be leaving behind with them.

  • Crusoe and Friday find hope on the deserted island, when they stumble upon an old abandoned boat that is stuck up in a tree. As they begin to repair it, they find a compass, which they believe will aid them on their finding their way home.

  • Mutineers look for supplies on the island, forcing Crusoe and Friday to defend their home by scaring the group away. Meanwhile, Crusoe hopes to strike a deal with the captain that could send him back to England

  • After attempting to fix the water source to the tree house, Crusoe loses his wedding ring. Meanwhile, Friday has an unusual dream about a young woman who is lost and yearning for the sea. Crusoe and Friday attempt to discover the truth and set her spirit free.

  • In this special two hour series premiere, Robinson Crusoe, the only survivor of a shipwreck, and his trusty companion Friday, a native whose life he saved, find their lives in danger when a group of British privateers and the Spaniards pursuing them arrive on their island in search of a legendary treasure.

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