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The series Dangerous Waters follows five men that are traveling on Seadoo watercrafts from Seattle, Washington to Haines, Alaska. The team has to deal with the wildlife, dropping water temperatures, harsh weather, and rough sea conditions. The viewers get to tune in and see if the crew can complete their journey.

Wednesday 7:00 PM et/pt on MavTV
6 Seasons, 72 Episodes
October 2, 2012
Sports, Travel
Cast: Todd Carmichael
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Dangerous Waters Full Episode Guide

  • The men explore sunken Japanese Navy vessels from World War 2. Poor fuel is causing havoc with the expeditions Jet Ski. Steven finds a way for the expedition to move on!

  • Philippine locals come to the aid of the expedition. The men receive unexpected help at Noa Noa Island. Every last drop of fuel is filtered. The crew finds a remote cemetery.

  • Poor fuel quality begins causing problems. Troy is forced to leave the expedition. Steven enters a small native village looking for fuel.

  • Steven hatches a plan to get Troy into the Philippines. Customs, police, and military warn the team to avoid all marine traffic. Insurgents are active in the entire threat region. The crew head in the wrong direction.

  • Military warn the expedition of terrorist threats. The crew explores a floating village. Troy loses his passports and medications. Tensions are high.

  • Steven is forced to send a crew member home. The expedition attempts to cross the South China Sea. Disaster strikes during a huge storm.

  • The expedition moves off shore shadowed by a new fuel support boat. Mechanical mishaps cause a Jet Ski to sink. Steven's back is against the wall.

  • A whole new Dangerous Waters crew meets in Singapore. Preparations for departure take an unexpected turn. Steven recruits the Spikey Lady. Equatorial thunderstorms cause havoc.

  • A dangerous flight to refuel the expedition; The men camp among brown bears; The crew finds a dangerous shipwreck and question Steven's leadership. Season 5 Finale

  • The crew has been chased off the water by lightening. A Monsoonal weather patern brings harsh ocean conditions as the team approach the border of Thailand. The crew get bad news from the Malaysian Border Authority

  • The expedition stumbles into devastation caused by a Typhon. Crew get thrown from their watercraft in rough seas. Lighting filled Monsoonal storms plague the men's progress forcing an unexpected overnight.

  • The expedition heads out into a dark ocean. Rough conditions push the men into an unknown Malaysian village. The crew is serenaded by local mosques and literally rides into trouble.

  • The crew lay low in Thailand waiting for their Jet Ski. Steven struggles to keep the men focused. Securing their equipment, the expedition head out in the South China Sea for points unknown.

  • The crew is told they are a threat to the National Security of India. In just 72 hours all members of the expedition will be arrested. A sanctuary country must be located.

  • Rough ocean conditions become the new normal. Coastal Fishermen are suspicious of the expedition. The crew make an unexpected stop that changes everything. Indian government authorities flip flop.

  • With Jet Ski on the beach, local police try to stop the men from departing. The men discover the coast of India different from anywhere else they've been. A horse and cart deliver fuel to the crew.

  • Steven's trip to New Delhi is successful and the expedition is able to claim their Jet Skis. Under the watchful eye of security forces the men are instructed to take their machines 150 miles out of Mumbai to launch. On the beach the crew gets a greeting they will never forget.

  • India proves to be a huge culture shock! Indian Customs threatens to shut down the expedition and send the Jet Skis back to the United States. Steven travels to New Delhi hoping to get the expedition on the water.

  • The crew have unfinished business in Greece and are forced to return to Kos in order to claim their gear. Steven fears their Jet Skis have disappeared into Eastern Europe. The men travel half way around the world and arrive in Mumbai, India.

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