Watch TV Shows on MavTV

MAVTV started broadcasting in October 2004 under its former name Maverick Television. The programming lineup includes action-oriented family entertainment. It's broadcasted via satellite and cable TV channels. MAVTV focuses on motorsports, film documentaries and other sports oriented TV series programming.

The brand's principal is an Atlanta-based company. It distributes programming to a selected number of cable companies. MAVTV was a privately held business headed by a team of Showtime's veteran executives Rob Stevens, Steve Smith, Steve Severn and Doug Jost. In October 2011, Lucas Oil purchased the channel. Even before purchasing MAVTV, Lucas Oil played a key role in sponsoring a number of motorsports events.

This acquisition introduced a reformatted channel lineup, which focused on a male-oriented audience. It features Canadian drama series, low-tier male-oriented broadcasting and other programs. Some of the late night shows are geared toward women. It has also taken a direction toward adopting family oriented programming too. Lucas Oil organized the switch from Maverick Television to MAVTV on the 4th of July 2012.

The rebranded title gave birth to a new era of broadcasting. The team added a mix of action films, concert programming, and family-focused TV series. They also limited the racing-related programming, including Lucas-Oil Pro-Pulling and Off-Road Racing leagues.