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  • TV-MA
  • 2018
  • 2 Seasons
  • 7.5  (9,718)

Das Boot is a 2018 German television series, produced by Sky Deutschland as a sequel to the 1981 classic film Das Boot by Wolfgang Petersen. The show is set in 1942 during World War II and focuses on the story of a German submarine and its crew. The series features an ensemble cast, including Tom Wlaschiha, Franz Dinda, and Rick Okon, who play the three main characters, each with their own unique personalities and roles on the submarine. Tom Wlaschiha portrays the captain of the submarine, Klaus Hoffmann, a seasoned veteran who is respected by his crew but is haunted by his past. Franz Dinda plays the first officer, Karl Tennstedt, who is passionate about his job and is determined to prove himself to his captain. Rick Okon plays the young lieutenant, Robert Ehrenberg, who is eager to learn and is on his first mission as a member of the crew.

The plot of the series begins with the arrival of the new crew members in La Rochelle, France, where they receive orders to depart on a top-secret mission. The crew is tasked with transporting a group of scientists and supplies to the African coast, where they will establish a new U-boat base. However, the mission proves to be much more dangerous and complicated than they initially anticipated. The crew faces various challenges during their journey, including traitors, submarine attacks, and conflicts within the crew.

The show is intense and action-packed, with many high-stake scenes that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. The cinematography is impressive, capturing the claustrophobic setting of a submarine and the vastness of the ocean. The musical score complements the visuals, building tension and creating an immersive experience for the viewer.

The characters are well-developed and complex, with their own personal struggles and motivations. The relationship between the captain and his crew is a central focus of the series, as they work together to overcome the obstacles they face. The show also explores the moral dilemmas faced by the crew members, as they navigate their loyalty to their country and their own conscience.

Overall, Das Boot is a gripping and engaging series that captures the drama and intensity of life on a submarine during World War II. The show is a worthy sequel to the classic film, and the talented cast and crew have done an excellent job of bringing the story to life. Fans of war dramas and action-packed thrillers will not be disappointed with this series.

Das Boot is a series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on November 23, 2018.

Das Boot
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The Other Side
8. The Other Side
January 1, 1970
Trotz Verletzung schafft es Hoffmann zum vereinbarten Treffpunkt. Um die Goldblatts vor dem Abtransport zu retten, setzt Margot ihren riskanten Plan in die Tat um. U-822 n
Head to Head
7. Head to Head
January 1, 1970
Wrangel catches up with Johannes, leading to a dramatic showdown out in the Atlantic. Hoffmann shows up at Cassandra's place.
Decision Time
6. Decision Time
January 1, 1970
Auf dem Meer haben Wrangel und von Reinhartz mit ihren Mannschaften zu k
Shoot to Kill
5. Shoot to Kill
January 1, 1970
Wrangel hat U-822 endlich in Sichtweite und fordert nun seinen M
The Die Is Cast
4. The Die Is Cast
January 1, 1970
Um die Stimmung an Bord zu heben, l
3. Sabotage
January 1, 1970
Tensions build beneath the ocean as Wrangel continues his pursuit of U-822. In New York, Sam takes drastic measures.
Uneasy Alliances
2. Uneasy Alliances
January 1, 1970
Wrangel beginnt, seinen Rivalen Reinhartz mit U-612 zu verfolgen. In New York erh
Exit Strategies
1. Exit Strategies
January 1, 1970
Dezember 1942: U-Boot-Kapit
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  • Premiere Date
    November 23, 2018
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (9,718)