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In this crime drama, the head of family that has built its fortune by smuggling arms at the Lebanon-Syria border has to contend with conflicts both in his high-stakes world of international crime and in his personal relationships. Taim Hasan and Nadine Nassib Njeim star in this series, which first aired on Middle East Broadcasting Center. It has been criticized for its problematic portrayal of women and regional minorities.

Al Hayba is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (30 episodes). The series first aired on September 20, 2017.

Where do I stream Al Hayba online? Al Hayba is available for streaming on MBC Drama, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Al Hayba on demand at Netflix online.

Daily at 9:30 PM et/pt on MBC Drama
1 Season, 30 Episodes
September 20, 2017
Action & Adventure Crime Drama Romance Thriller
Cast: Taim Hasan, Nadine Nassib Njeim, Mona Wassef, Oweiss Mkhallalati
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Al Hayba Full Episode Guide

  • The women of the house are heartbroken to see what happened to Sakher. Jabal publicly punishes Nidal. Alia is told she is free to go if she chooses.

  • It's Joe's birthday. Chahine is cornered into betraying Jabal, and the family home is raided by the police. Nidal is still thirsty for revenge.

  • While getting ready for a date with Jabal, Alia tells Mona that yes, she has feelings for her husband. Sakher pays Rima's blackmailer a visit.

  • After Alia gives Ghada a piece of her mind, Ghada crosses the line and goes to Jabal's family home. Jabal agrees to be tested for fertility issues.

  • Mona tells Majdi that she wants a divorce. Chahine is transferred to a prison cell with his father. Jabal and Alia have an emotional confrontation.

  • To cheer Mona up, Nahed comes to Beirut with Joe. Jabal tells Ghada that he can't go to her place anymore. Alia goes forward with her escape plan.

  • Jabal explains how he's been one step ahead of Dorayd this whole time. After Mona suffers a devastating loss, Alia rushes to Beirut to console her.

  • Hanady must decide to either stay or return to Zidan. Jabal deals with Dorayd. Alia and Joe are caught in the crossfire in an ambush targeting Jabal.

  • While intercepting one of Zidan's cars, Jabal finds a frightened young woman named Hanady and brings her home. Alia takes her under her wing.

  • Ghada is shocked to see Alia walk into her clinic for a checkup. A capable engineer named Amal interviews for a position at the factory.

  • After hearing from Chahine that Dorayd needs more time to find Ronny, Jabal gives him 10 more days -- or else. Alia and Jabal begin to grow closer.

  • Knowing how bored she is at home, Jabal gets Alia a job running their family-owned yogurt factory. Chahine falls deeper in with Dorayd and Zidan.

  • Alia wants Jabal to make it clear to his mother that their marriage is just an arrangement of convenience. Alia is secretly still planning an escape.

  • After holding her son in her arms again, Alia makes her decision: She will marry Jabal, but she makes it clear that she won't be a submissive wife.

  • Nahed tries to prevent Alia from renting a place anywhere in Al Hayba, thereby forcing Alia to move in with the family under the matriarch's terms.

  • Mona is forced out of the family home for attempting to reunite Joe with his mother. With her lawyer turning on her, Alia is now truly out of options.

  • Just as things are looking up with Alia's court case, Jabal meets and threatens Alia's lawyer. Ghada's daughter wants to move back in with her.

  • Mona begins to receive texts from her estranged husband. Nidal confronts Alia. Jabal refuses to allow Joe to see Alia. Debb gets released on bail.

  • Chahine is torn between his father and his loyalty to Jabal. Joe starts to really miss his mother. After meeting with her lawyer, Alia is optimistic.

  • The lawyer Majdi recommends seems very capable, but Alia has reservations about his fee. Chahine visits his father in prison.

  • Alia steels herself for a tough legal battle to get her son back. Jabal tracks down Naim and makes sure he'll never help Alia again.

  • After her attempted escape, Alia is given an ultimatum: stay with her son and become a part of the family, or return to Canada alone.

  • The fight between Nidal and Sakher escalates to a tense standoff between families. Jabal tries to stop Alia when he finds out she's run away with Joe.

  • Alia is distraught to learn the details of the family business. She doesn't want this life for herself or her son, but Nahed refuses to let them go.

  • Jabal's henchman Debb is arrested on homicide charges. Alia meets Majdi, Mona's estranged husband, and learns something disturbing about Adel.

  • Naim informs Alia that Jabal is involved in major criminal activity. Nahed refuses to allow Alia to leave for Beirut with Joe.

  • Despite being forced to extend her stay, Alia is determined to return to Canada with her son. Cautiously, she begins to open up to Jabal.

  • It's been a week since the funeral, and Alia is increasingly on edge. Bodyguards are with her constantly and the family is clearly hiding something.