DashieGames Full Episode Guide

  • Today we're playing Walls! We've got 15 minutes to gear up before we gotta PvP some peeps!

  • We're doing hunger games again today. but first, qe're just in the mood to PvP some peeps!

  • Welcome back to more hunger games! We've got some new maps to explore!

  • We're playing some hunger games y'all!

  • I'm here with my friend and we're going to wreck each other.

  • We're back! And I brought Nightmare with me!

  • We're back at it! That haunted house was freaky!

  • Welcome to Happy Wheels! This is my game!

  • There's a new killer! It's that freaky pig!

  • My boys, these people mean business.

  • Time to play some Paranormal action!

  • DashieGames plays Maker and doesn't want mom to catch him!

  • Granny has a new update!

  • Let's see what this game's all about!

  • Oh man, this stuff is scary. I'm hacking.

  • DashieGames plays Maker.

  • Someone made a video game for me? Wow! It looks great!

  • Today we're gonna see Dashie be smooth

  • Alright! Let's run from some freaky nightmares

  • All right y'all! Let's step up with some Super Mario Maker!

  • This new immersive, console level game is for mobile!

  • Seriously? 5th graders know this stuff?

  • Dragon Ball Fighter is finally out so we're trying the story mode!

  • This is the hardest level ever!

  • I already get owned in Mario Maker. Why do you torture me like this?

  • Wow this game really makes me feel dumb. Let's win a million dollars!

  • Time to go through some more fan levels!

  • We're going to play knockout mode!

  • We're going to The Olympics everyone with a new expansion pack!

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