Design Inc.

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Design Inc. is an HGTV series in which viewers learn the ins and outs of the interior decorating business. The star - Sarah Richardson - meets clients, determines their needs and then with the aide of her team transforms a living space. This process isn't easy. Each episode highlights a problem from oddly shaped rooms to difficult clients. So, it becomes obvious to onlookers that creating a must-see bedroom or cozy kitchen takes work. Without a fail proof plan and helping hands, the odds of making either happen is minimal.

Overall, this television show details how one highly motivated decorator turns houses into homes. From start to finish, each aspect of her efforts are shown. The end result: gushing clients delighted with the outcome.

Saturdays at 5:00 pm et/pt on HGTV
1 Season, 45 Episodes
January 26, 2006
Design Inc.

Design Inc. Full Episode Guide

  • Karen's active business and social life makes her cottage a true haven. The Design Inc. team transforms a guest cabin on the same property into a relaxing retreat. Late fall weather, a short time line and its location in the middle of a lake make this job a challenge. Yet, Karen ends up loving her new haven's fresh, cozy vintage appeal.

  • Sharon's dream country home needs a helping hand from the Design Inc. team. The family retreat has tiny bedrooms in need of style and storage solutions. Each bedroom gets its own casual mix of flea market finds and a unique color coding system to make weekend living just that much easier. It's a casual timeworn style that will live on for years to come!

  • Alan loves to shop for clothes; however his closet is way too small for his many buys. The Design Inc. team is called in to reconfigure his bathroom and walk-in closet to give him the space he needs. The resulting luxurious bathroom and expansive closet are perfect for this opinionated architect.

  • Laura and Tom want a living room where they can unwind with their young son at the end of a busy day. The Design Inc. team finds that choosing the right dining chairs proves time consuming, as does getting a hold of the clients for decisions. Despite the hitches the room all comes together as a modern, free flowing space, ready for precious family time!

  • Garrick and Thecla are first time homeowners desperate to update the kitchen in their so-called money pit. The Design Inc. team faces every challenge from structural concerns to restricting pipes. In the end the kitchen is returned to its former grandeur, with the owners vowing to stay put as long as possible!

  • Sharon wants to bring a timeworn, relaxed appeal to the new great room in her country place. Construction delays and distance to the site makes the project anything but easy for the Design Inc. team. Despite the challenges, Sharon loves her family room, anchored by a stone fireplace quarried from the very grounds upon which the home sits.

  • The Design Inc. team faces the challenge of transforming a pigsty into a warm and cozy guest cottage. Classic red barn details and homespun fabrics provide a warm welcome for Ruth's guests.

  • Dan needs some help breathing new life into his tired and dated living room. Since he wants to get it just right, paint and furniture choices must be exact. Plus, the Design Inc. team must find a way to hide a lot of electrical outlets and switches. The result is a Mid-century meets Hollywood space, featuring a dark, moody lounge with a unique lighting scheme.

  • Jennifer and Roger love to entertain and want their kitchen and dining room to be invited to the party. The Design Inc. team combines the rooms into one flowing open concept space. They negotiate a call for increased storage and continuously repaint a picture because of daring color and material choices. The resulting cool, modern design will serve them well for years to come.

  • Just days after giving birth, Martha is in the throes of renovating a newly-purchased home, and she's called in the Design Inc. team to handle the master bathroom. Dodging nails and loose floorboards, they navigate botched installations and busted bathroom tiles, but the result is a luxurious bath perfect for Martha and her husband.

  • Dan has already owned his home for seven years, but it's time to inject some personality into the blank canvas of a kitchen. Detailed-oriented Dan has trouble letting go of color, fabric and material choices. However, the Design Inc. team finds an eclectic mix of vintage elements and bold color that are exactly to his taste.

  • Ingrid has spent much of her time redecorating the family home. However, her open concept living and dining room proves to be a bit daunting. With the help of Sarah Richardson and the Design Inc. team, she chooses color, new finishes and beautiful furnishings for a cool, contemporary space.

  • With the help of a few buddies, Sean built a yurt, a Mongolian tent structure, but now he needs some help to make it livable. The Design Inc. team devise a decor scheme with a combination of vintage finds, painted furniture and whimsical fabrics.

  • Kara wants to lose the cottage feeling of her 1930s craftsman home for a more contemporary space. The tiny attic room has slanted low ceilings, ancient plaster walls and strange electrical wiring. The Design Inc. team brings renewal and a contemporary attitude to the diminutive space with browns, blues and plenty of storage.

  • Jim wants a warm and inviting living room, where he can entertain family, friends and clients on a whim. To accomplish the task, Sarah Richardson and the Design Inc. team have to make the fireplace functional and lighten up the antique wainscoting in this Tudor home. They choose colors and finishes that expand the space, making it feel big and bright. New furniture, carpet and accessories give it a timeless, traditional air with a nod to Art Deco.

  • Stephen is ready for a total renovation of his newly purchased condo. By mixing bold shades of orange, red and turquoise, the Design Inc. team transforms the condo into an example of cutting edge style that makes the most of its million-dollar waterfront view.

  • Katie and her husband, Jason, want a place to escape from their three demanding kids. It's time to beautify and organize their "builder's beige" master bath and walk-in-closet. The Design Inc. team successfully transforms the space with an urban yet traditional look, inspired by English antiques and a sophisticated palette of creams, gilded metals and silvery greens.

  • Nicole's Victorian home features a spacious, open area, which she wants to turn into the master bedroom of her dreams. After installing a beautiful new window and many trips to the antique stores, host Sarah Richardson and the Design Inc. team create a streamlined, elegant retreat complete with shades of smoky blue and sparkly glass accents.

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