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  • 2023
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (4,080)

Dhootha is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (8 episodes). The series first aired on November 30, 2023.

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8. Headlines
December 1, 2023
Priya becomes a target of the mysterious killer. As the events unfold, Sagar's past and family secrets come to light, and Kranti begins connecting the dots to uncover the truth. During a college convocation, tension builds as Sagar receives cryptic messages and finds newspaper clippings that foreshadow the next victim. Kranti rushes to the auditorium to prevent further bloodshed.
Continued on Page 6
7. Continued on Page 6
December 1, 2023
Sagar discovers that a tragic incident involving his family is predicted in the newspaper clippings he encounters. As the deaths continue, Sagar becomes entangled in the dark web of the machine's ominous predictions. Sagar explains the death pattern to Kranti. To protect his wife Priya from impending danger, Sagar and Kranti race against time to stop the machine's deadly predictions. As Sagar attempts to destroy the machine, he encounters an unexpected revelation about the true purpose of the Dhootha logo.
This Day, That Year
6. This Day, That Year
December 1, 2023
Kranthi's investigation leads her to suspect that Sagar might have set a trap involving the unexpected dead body. Sagar decides to visit Dhootha Publications to unravel the mystery behind Satyamurthy's book. There, he learns about the ethics of journalism and its impact on society. The story delves into the past. As Sagar learns more about the past, he heads towards the lighthouse, where the secret of the mysterious letters are discovered. The suspense intensifies as Sagar closes in on the truth.
Page 3
5. Page 3
December 1, 2023
As the investigation into the mysterious deaths continue, Kranti and Ranga dig up a spot where they find an unexpected dead body. Sagar notices the stranger
Crime Report
4. Crime Report
December 1, 2023
Sagar learns a dark truth about the mistake he made a few months back, which will affect his personal life if revealed. Sagar meets with Ajay Ghosh and shares the unfolding events. They notice an unusual mirror image of a particular letter in the old newspaper scrap, leading them to investigate further. Kranti and Ranga investigate Ajay Ghosh's involvement and discover a connection to Sagar's farmhouse. Sagar again finds a disturbing newspaper clipping about his personal loss. The suspense continues to build as the investigation intensifies.
3. Horoscope
December 1, 2023
Kranti and her assistant Ranga investigate drivers involved in gun smuggling. Kranti visits Koti's house and learns he has gone missing. Kranti comes to Sagar
Editorial Cartoon
2. Editorial Cartoon
December 1, 2023
Sagar returns home from Charles' house with blood-splattered clothes and notices a peculiar newspaper clipping detailing the death exactly as it happened. The commissioner hands over Charles' case to Kranti Shenoy, a detective known for solving cases quickly. Kranti investigates the crime scene and discovers clues pointing to someone else's presence during Charles' death. Sagar is linked to the case, raising Kranti's suspicion. Meanwhile, Ajay Ghosh, a police officer, interrogates a lorry driver named Koti, who hit Sagar
The Puzzle
1. The Puzzle
November 30, 2023
SAGAR (the protagonist), a successful journalist, is introduced as the new Chief Editor of 'Samacharam' newspaper at its launch. On his way back home with his wife, PRIYA, their daughter, ANJALI, and their dog, AYE, amid heavy rain, their car halts near Dum Dum Dhaba due to running out of fuel. While bringing food for his family, he stumbles upon a newspaper clipping with a crossword puzzle. Sagar is shocked as he realizes that the puzzle predicts a tragic incident involving his family, which a few moments later unfolds before his eyes, leading to a personal loss. The next morning, he returns to the same Dhaba and finds the crossword puzzle, prompting him to delve deeper into the truth behind the bizarre prediction.
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Dhootha is available for streaming on the Amazon Studios website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dhootha on demand at Amazon Prime.
  • Premiere Date
    November 30, 2023
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (4,080)