Disaster House

Disaster House, hosted by Josh Temple, takes a comedic approach to the wear and tear home owners experience in their house. The series centers around damage that homes endure over the years, but uses theatric antics to speed up the process. The show actually causes the damage using a simulated manner, like dropping a piano from 10 stories into the house, or bringing in an elephant to clog the sewer system, or hosting a roller derby. Whatever the project, the show offers some creative ways to simulate the damage, and then shows viewers how to repair it, using appropriate materials.

Friday 10:00 PM et/pt on DIY Network
3 Seasons, 39 Episodes
October 6, 2009
Home & Garden
Cast: Josh Temple
Disaster House

Disaster House Full Episode Guide

  • Disaster House hosts its first-ever dance competition in the "Disaster House" living room to see what kind of foot-stomping creates the most squeaks in our floor.

  • Josh Temple and the Disaster House crew show you what to look for when your landscape is damaged and how to safely remove critters from your property.

  • Josh Temple and a crew create a nocturnal obstacle course for animals you're destined to run over in the dark. Later, Josh shows you just how dangerous an improperly lit property can be.

  • Host and licensed contractor Josh Temple pits two competitive eaters against two garbage disposals to see exactly what these machines can handle, then and show you how to install a new one on your own. Next, a basement in transformed into a walk-in freezer, making the pipes freeze and burst. Josh shows you how to fix the damage and talks prevention.

  • Unexpected flying objects can wreak havoc on your home. Host and licensed contractor Josh Temple shows you first-hand with help from the Scottish games men, as they take aim at an awning. Then outdated material is replaced with a sturdy portico. Josh also simulates years of deck dry rot and demonstrates how to build and protect a new one.

  • The Disaster House crew focuses on the small things that can do big damage when they let 20 sugar-crazed kids loose in the living to find out how to fix the top kid-caused disasters. Then, the crew creates a dust storm to show you what happens when a 10,000 foot wall of dirt takes aim at your house.

  • Disaster House takes a turn for the medieval; men in tights operate a bird yielding trebuchet on the sliding glass doors. Next the crew blows up the garage to demonstrate how to protect your home from it's most flammable part.

  • Disaster House takes a turn for the medieval; men in tights operate a bird yielding trebuchet on the sliding glass doors. Next the crew blows up the garage to demonstrate how to protect your home from it's most flammable part.

  • The Disaster House deck railing doesn't stand a chance against professional MMA wrestlers and after the fight the crew demonstrates the proper way to repair the railing. A visit from an army of Motocross riders leaves the gravel driveway destroyed; leaving it to the crew to lay a new driveway that can last a lifetime.

  • How does the Disaster House crew show homeowners the damage a simple water leak can have on your home? It involves the crew dumping a 300-gallon dunk tank into the kitchen cabinets. Then the crew creates a huge mess when they drop a dumpster full of toilets from 100 feet high to demonstrate how to repair and prevent a potentially toxic mess.

  • The Disaster House crew gets down to the root of wind damage - both inside and out. The crew uses the Disaster House Wind Tunnel to show how to fix common ceiling fan problems, and then they uproot a tree planted too close to home causing a tornado of structural damage.

  • There are bats in the attic, and the Disaster House crew has set real bed bugs loose in the house. Experts Mr. Bat Man and Dr. Bed Bug come to the rescue, demonstrating how to safely and effectively remove these pesky nocturnal nuisances.

  • Find out how to fix the structure of a sink and well as the cosmetic part and make it look as good as new.

  • Poisoning mice, rats, and other varmint can harm you as well. Find out a better solution on how to remove then and make sure they don't come back.

  • Find out how to exterminate termites and how to fix the damage they can cause.

  • See how fast lint can accumulate and find out how you can make sure it doesn't start a fire in you home.

  • Find out how much energy the typical home loses and solution on how to improve the efficiency of your home.

  • See the damage lawnmowers, grills, car doors, etc. can do to your house and the solutions on fixing it.

  • Get a face lift on your house with the ideas shared in this episode.

  • Find out how to fix the many problems kitchens always seem to have.

  • Find out what to do when a problem that seeps up arrives: reverse sewage. Also, find out the damage extreme winds can do to your home and a fix for that.

  • Find out how to repair your house when flash floods cause damage. And find out how to clean up graffiti damage.

  • Find out how you can fix the damage caused by hail. Then, for the safety of your family, find out how to burglar-proof your house.

  • A demonstration on the damage pets can create in your home and the easy fix to clean up this mess. Also, see the damage a car can do to a garage and the simple fix.

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