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Tomoki Sakai, is 14 years old, and he's been dedicated to diving since he was a child. It all began when he met Yoichi Fujiya, a genius diver three years his senior. Tomoki and his friends attend the Mizuki Diving Club, but their new coach Kayoko Asaki says the club will close if it doesn't produce an Olympian. And so begins their fight as they lay everything on the line for a single moment!

DIVE!! is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (12 episodes). The series first aired on .

DIVE!! is available for streaming on the Anime Strike website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch DIVE!! on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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1 Season, 12 Episodes
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DIVE!! Full Episode Guide

  • Yoichi had decided to turn down his free ticket to the Olympics, opting to compete in the qualifiers against his friends instead. With his national rivals joining in the combined practice, the Olympic qualifiers are about to begin!(C)EM,K/D

  • Tomoki was working hard to learn a new move when he injured himself during practice. Yoichi came by to check on him and is moved by Tomoki's tremendous passion for diving. Having made up his mind, Yoichi decides to visit the chairman of the Japan Swimming Federation.(C)EM,K/D

  • Yoichi was unexpectedly chosen for the Olympics. As his parents and other MDC members congratulate him, he is unable to hide his own hesitation. Meanwhile, Shibuki had returned to MDC, taking up ballet as a form of training, and Tomoki began practicing a new move.(C)EM,K/D

  • Shibuki left a letter before returning to Tsugaru. He doesn't get much of a chance to spend time with his girlfriend Kyoko and his family before Tomoki and Yoichi suddenly appeared after returning from their training camp in Beijing. The three friends are enjoying something different from their usual practice, but then they deliver a DVD Kayoko had asked them to hand to Shibuki...(C)EM,K/D

  • Having finished fourth in the meet, Tomoki has never felt so bitter and dejected in his life. In other news, Shibuki injured his hip during the meet, and Ryo ended up with disappointing results. They each take time to reflect before embarking on a new path.(C)EM,K/D

  • Tomoki is unable to get over the shock of losing his girlfriend to his younger brother. The club is competing in an upcoming meet, and Kayoko has grown impatient with Tomoki as he's failed to show up to MDC, and she tells him that he is a natural born diver.(C)EM,K/D

  • It's the Golden Week holiday, and combined practice with veteran divers begins! They are an eclectic bunch including one diver named Yamada A.K.A. Pinky who views Yoichi as a rival for some reason. Tomoki enthusiastically embraces the higher level of practice, but...(C)EM,K/D

  • Kayoko has brought Shibuki Okitsu, a young man who was raised in the ocean waters of Tsugaru. Everyone at MDC is awed by his dynamic style, which is in complete contrast to Yoichi's perfect technique. One day, Kayoko tells Tomoki to perform a three-and-a-half for the meet in July...(C)EM,K/D

  • Tomoki Sakai is a second year junior high student who dedicates every day to diving. It all began years ago when he was drawn in by the beautiful diving of Yoichi Fujitani, a boy three years his senior. Tomoki goes to the Mizuki Diving Club (MDC) with his friends Ryo and Reiji, but everything changes when the mysterious woman Kayoko Asaki appears... (C)EM,K/D