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The television show Dora's Explorer Girls tells the story of an adventurous pre-teen best known for her experience as a seven year-old problem solving explorer. She and her good friend, Boots, a gifted monkey with abilities equal to the younger Dora, surface now and again in the matured version of the exciting – Dora's Explorer Girls.

With even more talents to share with her community, the older Dora Marquez leads four of her best friends, Alana Emma, Kate and Nayia in exciting adventures throughout the city of Puerto Verde demonstrating Good Samaritan-like qualities. All five girls are positive role models for girls between the age of 7 and 14.

Naiya inspires viewers with her interest in astronomy, Kate with her love of writing plays, acting, and poetry, Emma with her musical ability, and Alana teaches that girls can participate in competitive sports – especially soccer, her favorite. Like her friends, Dora is concerned about the environment. Together, the friends work their way through several challenges.

Dora's parents, grandmother, and younger twin siblings Isabella and Guillermo periodically appear in Dora's Explorer Girls. Their presence shows where Dora receives much of her inspiration and help to explain Dora's love for reading, animals, sports, music and more.

Dora's Explorer Girls educates while entertaining. Each episode is filled with positive messages about tween girls, their families, city they live in and communities at large. Several eco-friendly topics are covered in the series. Dora's Explorer Girls enlightens with a particular quality only the character, Dora Marquez can deliver.

1 Season, 1 Episode
August 7, 2011
Children, Family
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  • Dora's grown up! She's got new friends in a new city, and in this special, she's ready for new adventures - like her first concert, starring Shakira! Join the Explorer Girls on a musical adventure to help friends and get to that concert! ¡V'ámonos!

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