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If you could take a step back from your life and look into the depravity of another's, would it put things into perspective? During their hardest of times, these friends have managed to stay together and figure out the chaotic rambling of life. There will be ups and downs, but ultimately if they stick together with their shoulders out for each other to stand mountain will be too high.

1 Season, 15 Episodes
Comedy, Drama
Downsized (The Web Series)

Downsized (The Web Series) Full Episode Guide

  • In Episode 5 "Debt Ceiling" of the critically acclaimed web series Downsized Season 2, Connor (Chris Henry Coffey, TRUST) and Justin (Brian Keane, BEARCITY) meet for some gym time and debt remediation talk, but Justin can't keep up.

  • In Episode 4 "The American Dream" of the critically acclaimed web series Downsized Season 2, a conflicted Connor (Chris Henry Coffey, Trust with Clive Owen) surprises new mother Leyla (Esra Gaffin) with a visit in her 'hood, much to the chagrin of her disapproving sister Dunya (Aysan Celik), while Beth (Daryn Strauss, DigitalChickTV) tries to mooch off her friend Bonnie's connections (Maitely Weismann, Mother Eve's Secret Garden of Sensual Sisterhood).... as in wifi connections.

  • In Episode 3 "Personal Property" of the critically acclaimed web series Downsized Season 2, Andy (Conan McCarty, The Closer) goes door-to-door with his self-help program for surviving the economic crisis, The E Trinity, and discovers his ex-wife Priscilla (Meredith Zinner, Erin Brockovich) is selling off their property in a House Sale.

  • In episode 2 "Clientele" of the critically acclaimed web series Downsized Season 2, Astrid (Shannon Conley, Lez Zeppelin) manages to squeeze a few extra bucks out of Nate (Kaipo Schwab) by convincing him to compete in a Daddy and Me competition with Poppy, but finds his wife Brenda (Anna Stone, Boardwalk Empire) isn't so easy to swindle.

  • In the Season 2 Opener "Employment" of the critically acclaimed web series Downsized Season 2, Hank (Gerard Urciuoli) tries to shake Beth (Daryn Strauss, Digital Chick TV) out of her unemployment depression while she searches for a job, while Connor (Chris Henry Coffey, Trust with Clive Owen) is caught between the sheets with his estranged wife (Michele Mavissakalian).

  • In Episode 10, Priscilla and Justin attempt to woo back their evicted tenants, Hank and Beth, in order to stop their foreclosure.

  • In Episode 9, Connor is summoned to help his drunk and frisky soon-to-be-ex-wife Maura get home. Hank finds a creative way to romance Beth.

  • In Episode 8, despite an acrimonious relationship, Andy attempts to coerce his ex Priscilla to lend him some money.

  • In Episode 7, in an effort to bring in more cash to get her out of debt, Astrid double-books herself at a children's beauty pageant, and is overwhelmed when pageant princess Poppy locks herself in the ladies room and refuses to come out, and a pesky pageant mom has a mouthful of thoughts on the subject.

  • In Episode 6, Beth tries to figure out how to adjust to life expectations in a financial crisis, while her fiance heads off to work as a nighttime security guard.

  • In Episode 5, a more composed Leyla explains herself to Connor, with the help of Learn to Speak English dvds.

  • In Episode 4, Andy discovers that his half-brother Lowell has stolen the tenets of Andy's self-help process The E-Trinity, and plans to present it as his corporate restructuring program, the E Quad.

  • In Episode 3, after finding out she can't make her credit card payments, resourceful beauty queen Astrid tries sweet-talking pageant dad Nate into additional coaching services for his daughter, six year old beauty princess Poppy.

  • In Episode 2, overworked attorney Connor has difficulty understanding his Turkish cleaning lady, Leyla.

  • Debt, credit default, bankruptcy, and unemployment-- average Americans are the subjects of the hit dramedy Downsized, recently named "the best of the straight dramas (on the web)" by the Los Angeles Times. In Episode 1, Beth finds herself victim to a recession-fueled downsizing effort by HR Manager Maura and Maura's new efficiency expert, Lowell Wishingbone.

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