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  • TV-Y
  • 2004
  • 3 Seasons
  • 7.8  (67)

Dragon is a popular children's television show that utilizes stop-motion techniques to tell a story. The show is based on a series of books from Dav Pilkey. This show features eleven minute stores that feature the dragon getting into various situations. This includes Dragon helping his friend, Beaver, in episodes like Dragon Helps Beaver. There are also often episodes where Dragon goes on an adventure. For example, Dragon goes Apple Picking in one episode.

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Dragon's Upside Down House
26. Dragon's Upside Down House
January 1, 1970
One day Dragon wakes up feeling very hungry. He wishes his breakfast was there in the room with him, and not far away in the kitchen. He moves his bed down to the kitchen, so he'll be able to eat breakfast as soon as he gets up each morning. There's only one problem. Now his kitchen is very crowded - so he moves his kitchen table and chairs into the living room. "Now my house works so much better!" Except... when his phone rings, he can't get to it. He realizes his new arrangement isn't perfect. He decides to move the sofa and lamp. He can't put them in the kitchen - because his bed's in there.
Dragon's Christmas Hats
25. Dragon's Christmas Hats
January 1, 1970
It's almost Christmas, and Dragon has a fun idea. "We each write our name on a piece of paper, and put it in a bowl. Then, we each pull out a name, and that's who we secretly get a Christmas present for!" His friends think that's a great idea. With just one friend to get a present for, they can really think about getting the best present ever! They reach into the bowl, and pull out names. Dragon gets Ostrich. Beaver gets Mailmouse. Ostrich gets Alligator. Mailmouse gets Beaver. And Alligator gets Dragon. Dragon reminds his friends, "Don't tell anyone who you're getting a present for. We want it to be a big surprise!"
Dragon's Pancake Breakfast
24. Dragon's Pancake Breakfast
January 1, 1970
One Day Dragon is wondering what to have for breakfast, and realizes he hasn't had pancakes in a long time. He's so excited about making pancakes he invites all his friends over for a big pancake feast. His friends are all eager to come over - even Beaver, who's not sure he even likes pancakes, "But I guess I'm willin' to try, yup..." Before all his pals arrive Dragon decides he'd better practice flipping pancakes, first. Because flipping pancakes is a lot trickier than it looks, he also gets to practice peeling pancakes from his fridge... his walls... his kitchen chairs... and even Cat. Once he gets the hang of pancake flipping ...
Sidekick Dragon
23. Sidekick Dragon
January 1, 1970
One day Dragon sees Ostrich reading a new comic book about her favourite super-hero, who's just gotten a sidekick. Ostrich explains that a sidekick is someone who helps the super-hero rescue folks. "Sometimes you're a super-hero... would you like a sidekick to help you?" Ostrich thinks that's a great idea! Now she just has to teach Dragon how. First, they make Dragon a snazzy new super-hero'd sidekick costume. Then, they wait for someone to need rescuing. When they don't hear any hollers for help, they practice rescuing a jar of pickles - which is much more complicated than it seems. They wait around a bit more.
Fall Fair
22. Fall Fair
January 1, 1970
It's the first day of fall. Ostrich, Mailmouse and Alligator drop by Dragon's place with tasty autumn treats: a basket of tomatoes, a jar of yam soup, and a yummy apple pie. When Beaver wanders by and spots all the goodies he says it looks like Dragon's having a fall fair. "What's a fall fair?" Beaver explains it's like a big outdoor party - to celebrate the end of the growing season. "There's scarecrow making contests, hay rides, apple bitin' games... sometimes they even have a fun house, yup." Dragon loves the idea, and wants to put on one of his own, except... "How will I have my own fall fair if I've never even been to a fall fair?"
Star-Gazing Dragon
21. Star-Gazing Dragon
January 1, 1970
One Day Dragon notices Mailmouse is very sleepy. She explains that she stayed up long past her bedtime to see a comet. Dragon decides that he'd like to see something as exciting as a comet, too. "I'm sure I can stay up past my bedtime!" That night Dragon tries to stay awake. He sits down on his bed so he won't get too tired - but sitting down makes him sleepy. He decides to count the hearts on his blanket to keep him awake. But counting things what lots of folks do when they want to fall asleep, and soon... zzzzzzz. The next night Dragon decides he'll have to be more clever - so he hides his bed. Then, he hides alarm clocks all over ...
Tourist Dragon
20. Tourist Dragon
January 1, 1970
One Day Dragon sees Mailmouse with a travel magazine. She explains it's for tourists - folks who like to explore the world and discover things that are the biggest, or the best, or the 'one and only.' Dragon thinks he'd like to be a tourist and do all that, but without having to go too far. He decides to be a tourist in his very own neighbourhood. "I'm sure we have lots of biggest, best and 'one and only's to see right here!" Dragon sets out to explore, and pretends he's seeing his yard for the very first time. He admires the trees, the flowers, and Cat. Then he pretends he's never seen Mailmouse before, and notices she has a very ...
Dragon's Band
19. Dragon's Band
January 1, 1970
One Day Dragon is happily listening to Alligator play his bongos - and decides he'd really like to be able to make music, too. In fact, he wants put together a band to play music with all his friends. Beaver, Ostrich and Mailmouse think that's a great idea, except... none of them can play any kind of musical instrument. Instrument? Mailmouse explains that musical instruments are things like a guitar, trumpet, or xylophone - and they don't have any of those! Looking at pictures of instruments, Dragon realizes most music is made by either blowing into something, plink-plinking something, or hitting something. First, he tries to make ...
Dragon's Silly Day
18. Dragon's Silly Day
January 1, 1970
One morning Dragon is having fun making very silly sounds while he brushes his teeth. He suddenly realizes there are special days like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Father's Day - but there isn't a Silly Day. He decides there should be! Dragon tells his friends his idea. They're all keen to spend the day being silly. Except for Mailmouse, that is... she's a little shy and not sure she can be silly. Maybe she'll try later. Meanwhile, Ostrich decides she'll sing silly songs, Beaver opts to have silly naps, and Alligator dons a tutu so he can do very silly dances. Dragon's delighted - Silly Day's turning out to be a great idea.
Dragon's Best friends Club
17. Dragon's Best friends Club
January 1, 1970
One Day Dragon and his friends decide to start their own club - and decide Dragon's house will be the clubhouse. Now that they have a clubhouse, Beaver says they should have a secret password to be allowed into the clubhouse. The others think it's a great idea - a secret password sounds very important and club-like. They try to come up with the perfect password, "Floop!" "Baboobleboo!" "Glazzeepots!" "Marfledinglebats!" Then Dragon suddenly looks inspired. "Puppy Pickles!" The friends decide that "Puppy Pickles" is a very good secret password. Now that they have a clubhouse and a secret password, Mailmouse suggests they come up ...
Cat's Shady Shelter
16. Cat's Shady Shelter
January 1, 1970
It's a very hot, sunny day and Cat is looking for some shade. She tries hunkering down under a bush, but the branches are prickly and she doesn't like lying in the dirt. Next she tries a shady spot under Dragon's car, but it's a little too greasy and smells funny, too. Dragon asks Beaver to build Cat a shady shelter, but Beaver says it's too hot to be doing any work! Dragon decides to do it himself - and then quickly realizes building a shelter with a roof and walls will take too long. Meanwhile Cat tries sitting in the shade of a tree - but the birds are too chirpy and a squirrel keeps dropping acorns on her head.
Dragon Surprises Ostrich
15. Dragon Surprises Ostrich
January 1, 1970
Dragon, Alligator, Beaver and Mailmouse want to throw a surprise party for Ostrich - but the tricky part will be getting all the things they need from her store without her figuring out what they're up to. So instead of buying a cake and hats, they buy the ingredients and materials to make their own. To be sure Ostrich doesn't catch on, they take turns buying just a few things at a time - Eggs and paint... Butter and balloons... Flour, paper and rubber bands - and concoct clever stories about what they need those things for. Back at Dragon's place they bake the cake, make the hats, and inflate the balloons. Then they realize they have to ...
Dragon's Snail
14. Dragon's Snail
January 1, 1970
One Day Dragon is about to drive to the store to buy a nice big heavy watermelon when he notices something at the end of his driveway. A snail! Dragon doesn't want to risk harming the snail, so he decides to wait and let it cross, first. Except... snails are veryyyy slow. Dragon goes back inside and waits a while, and when he returns, the snail has barely moved. Dragon really needs his car to go shopping for food - there's almost nothing left in his kitchen - but the snail's safety comes first. Dragon just has to wait for the snail to cross. Because he's hungry, Dragon decides to encourage the snail to go a little faster.
Easter Bunny Day/Dragon's Package Breakfast
13. Easter Bunny Day/Dragon's Package Breakfast
February 5, 2011
Easter time has rolled around again, and this year it?s Dragon?s turn to dress up like the Easter Bunny and hide the candy eggs. Dragon is thrilled when Alligator hands him the official Bunny ears (along with the basket full of eggs), and we ...
Dragon's Toboggans/Dragon's Christmas Hats
12. Dragon's Toboggans/Dragon's Christmas Hats
February 5, 2011
Dragon's Toboggan: One morning Dragon goes to his bedroom window and sees that it snowed the night before. Dragon loves a snowy day, and makes all sorts of plans to play in the snow. Dragon decides that he should go tobogganing, but the only problem is that he doesn't have a toboggan. Dragon's Christmas Hats: One wintery afternoon just a bit before Christmas, Dragon has an idea. Dragon and each of his friends write their names on a piece of paper and fold them up and put them in a bowl. Whatever name is on the paper that they've picked is the person who they are going to get a Christmas present!
Dragon's Trick or Treat/Dragon Learns To Skate
11. Dragon's Trick or Treat/Dragon Learns To Skate
February 5, 2011
One very slippery and icy day Dragon is in his yard when he slips and falls on his bum. Mailmouse passes by and sees Dragon slipping and sliding away. She points out that his yard is so icy, he should put on skates! But Dragon has never ...
Dragon's Fall Fair/ Dragon Goes Apple Picking
10. Dragon's Fall Fair/ Dragon Goes Apple Picking
March 5, 2011
Dragon goes out to the apple tree in his yard and starts gathering apples for his friends. He wonders if an apple a different colour or an apple with a worm hole tastes as good as all other apples. Since there is only one way to find out, he ...
Sidekick Dragon/ Dragon Surprises Ostrich
9. Sidekick Dragon/ Dragon Surprises Ostrich
March 5, 2011
Dragon's Fall Fair: One cool, crisp, late September day, Dragon is out in his yard when Ostrich comes by with a gift for Dragon: a basket of tomatoes that he grew himself! Then, Mailmouse arrives with a jar of yam soup that she made from her yams in the garden. Soon after, Alligator comes by with an apple pie he had made for Dragon. When Beaver sees all of this he exclaims that it looks like they are having a "Fall Fair," which is when Farmers get together with their harvest and have an outdoors party to celebrate the first day of Fall. Dragon goes Apple Picking: One day, dragon sits at his table and eats a nice tasty apple. He decides to pick a nice apple for each of his friends, so he goes out to the apple tree in his yard. Dragon hopes the apple he picks is very tasty, so he ends up taking a bit out of every apple he picks. Not wanting to give his friends apples with big bites in them, Dragon decides to pick four more for each of them (if he's not too full to move!).
Dragon's Best Friend's Club/Dragon's Silly Day
8. Dragon's Best Friend's Club/Dragon's Silly Day
March 5, 2011
Dragon's Best Friend's Club: One Day Dragon and Alligator are having so much fun at Dragon's house playing a game together that they decide they should start their own special club. Because clubs usually have more than two members, they decide to ask Mailmouse, Beaver, and Ostrich to join and decide that Dragon's house should be the clubhouse. Dragon Silly Day: One day Dragon makes a very funny sound while brushing his teeth in the morning. He wonders what other sounds he can make, and then feels really silly! He realizes that there are all sorts of special days, but there isn't a "Silly Day." Dragon decides there should be, so he gathers together his friends and declares today Silly Day so they all can be as silly as they want.
Dragon's Snail/Dragon Does Nice Things
7. Dragon's Snail/Dragon Does Nice Things
March 5, 2009
One day Dragon?s all set to go outside and play with his wagon, and remembers it has a wobbly wheel. He heads out with his screwdriver to repair the wheel ? and discovers someone?s already fixed it! Dragon feels very happy that someone secretly ...
Dragon Loses His Voice/ Dragon Fixes Beaver's Toy
6. Dragon Loses His Voice/ Dragon Fixes Beaver's Toy
March 5, 2009
Dragon Loses his Voice: On day Dragon wakes up in a wonderful mood and decides to sing all day long. He sings so much that he loses his voice! Dragon has a few things that he needs to ask his friends. Unfortunately, it is very tricky to ask for things without a voice! Dragon Fixes Beaver's Toy: One day Dragon visits Beaver, who feels a bit grumpy because the Jack is not jumping out of his Jack-in-the-Box. Beaver asks Dragon to keep an eye on the box while he goes to buy a special screwdriver. Dragon thinks that he can fix the box himself and tries a few things, changing the box completely.
Dragon's Rainy Day Fun/ Dragon's Upside Down Fun
5. Dragon's Rainy Day Fun/ Dragon's Upside Down Fun
March 1, 2009
Dragon's Rainy Day Fun: One day Dragon is inside his cozy house looking outside at the pouring rain. It is very wet outside, and all that water makes Dragon think of the ocean and boats. He decides that it's a perfect day to play Sailor. Dragon's Upside Down House: One morning, Dragon is dreaming about eating a big yummy breakfast, which makes his tummy rumble. His tummy rumbles so loudly that it wakes him up. Dragon is very hungry, and knows he has to head downstairs to get his breakfast from the kitchen. Then, Dragon has an idea. If he puts his bed in the kitchen, he can eat breakfast right when he wakes up!
Dragon's Package/Dragon's Treasure Hunt
4. Dragon's Package/Dragon's Treasure Hunt
January 25, 2009
Dragon's Package: One day Mailmouse delivers a special big package to Dragon. Mailmouse points out right away that the package has a note saying he is not to open the package until the day of his birthday, which is "two sleeps away." Dragon is so excited to open the package, and isn't sure he can wait that long. Dragon's Treasure Hunt: One day after Dragon is finished playing with his soccer ball, he wonders where to put it. Dragon finally decides to put the ball in his closet. A few days later Dragon wants to play with his ball again, but he can't remember where he has put it. Looking for the ball makes Dragon realize that it is a lot of fun to finally find something after a long search. So, Dragon decides to make everything in his house harder to find so he can experience that again.
Dragon's Tire/Dragon's Picnic
3. Dragon's Tire/Dragon's Picnic
January 18, 2009
Dragon's Tire: One day Dragon is visiting Beaver when Mailmouse arrives with his mail. Mailmouse exclaims that Beaver has too many things lying around and has to tidy up. This sounds like a lot of work to Beaver, but Mailmouse says that Dragon will also help. Beaver decides that it couldn't hurt to do a bit of tidying, so the three got to work. While putting all the sticks on Beaver's lawn into a big pile, Dragon discovers a great big tire. Dragon's Picnic: It is a beautiful sunny day and Dragon is very excited that he and his friends are going on a picnic. Hooray! It is going to be the best picnic ever. Dragon's friends are very excited too. They all have fun things they can't wait to do. However, it seems that in all the excitement, everyone had thought someone else would bring the things that they needed for their picnic.
Tourist Dragon/Doctor Dragon
2. Tourist Dragon/Doctor Dragon
January 11, 2009
Tourist Dragon: One day Dragon sees Mailmouse looking at a travel magazine. Dragon learns that a "tourist" is someone who travels to other places for fun, and they see and do things they've never done before. Tourists like to explore the world and discover things that are the biggest or the best or the "one and only." Dragon decides he wants to be a tourist, too. Doctor Dragon: One day Alligator comes over to play with Dragon. Dragon notices that he has the sniffles. Alligator admits that he has a cold but it doesn't feel so bad. Since he has just read all about going to the doctor, Dragon decides to use what he knows and take care of Alligator.
Dragon's Lemonade Stand/Cat's Shady Shelter
1. Dragon's Lemonade Stand/Cat's Shady Shelter
January 4, 2009
Dragon's Lemonade Stand: One very hot day, Dragon is standing by his mailbox waiting for an important piece of mail when Mailmouse arrives. They both agree it is very hot and Mailmouse suggests she wishes someone would set up a lemonade stand so that they could cool down. Dragon agrees that a lemonade stand is a very good idea, and decides to set one up himself! Cat's Shady Shelter: One very hot and sunny day, Dragon is outside with Cat. He notices that Cat is looking for a nice shady spot out of the sun, so Dragon suggests a couple of places. None of his suggestions are just right for Cat, but she would rather stay outside than go inside. Dragon decides he should build a shady shelter for cat, but after a number of tries finds that that isn't working.

Dragon is a popular children's television show that utilizes stop-motion techniques to tell a story. The show is based on a series of books from Dav Pilkey. This show features eleven minute stores that feature the dragon getting into various situations. This includes Dragon helping his friend, Beaver, in episodes like Dragon Helps Beaver. There are also often episodes where Dragon goes on an adventure. For example, Dragon goes Apple Picking in one episode.

Dragon is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (74 episodes). The series first aired on January 5, 2004.

Where to Watch Dragon

Dragon is available for streaming on the Treehouse TV website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dragon on demand at Amazon Prime.

  • Premiere Date
    January 5, 2004
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (67)