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Based on the original cartoon from 1950, each episode of Gerald McBoing Boing tells a series of small tales and sketches that feature Gerald, who only makes sounds and does not sound out words. This TV series differs from the original in the fact Gerald has been given two talking friends, Janine and Jacob. Each episode is told in rhyming verse that is based on the style made famous by Dr. Seuss, a style that is the perfect companion for the fantastical World's and stories told during each episode.

Cartoon Network
1 Season, 47 Episodes
August 22, 2005
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Linda Ballantyne, Patrick McKenna, Joanne Vannicola
Gerald McBoing Boing

Gerald McBoing Boing Full Episode Guide

  • Gerald plays red light-green light with some zoo lions, Mom sings Burp's lullaby, and Jacob discovers that his tulips are allergic to him.

  • A bank and a sporting goods store get the Gerald treatment, Gerald adds more than a squeak to Burp's dog toy, and the kids play meteorologist.

  • Gerald has fun with tropical fish, snow angels, and annoying his parents. / Gerald tries to imitate the strongest man in the world while the gang plays a game of "Name that Sound".

  • Gerald entertains the gang with a sound-guessing game, a witch puts a hex on a rock band, and Greta von Grabby is back as "The Phantom of the Opera."

  • Gerald causes commotion on an airplane and realizes that he and Janine's parrot have a lot in common. / Gerald's stomach growling sounds help him get lunch.

  • Gerald causes noise trouble on a plane ride, Jacob makes his farm animals fly, and Janine's parrot starts "talking" like Gerald.

  • Scritchy McBeard steals a mermaid's pearls, Jacob loses a rabbit during a magic act, and Gerald draws real customers with a pretend car wash.

  • Gerald and the gang take karate and later searches for Wrinklystiltskin's favorite sound. / Janine forgets her tap-dancing shoes for a recital, leading Gerald to lend a helping sound.

  • A slurping drink drives Mom crazy, the kids try karate, Gerald visits a pogo-stick factory, and the gang puts a new spin on The Three Musketeers.

  • Gerald assists his Mom with an ice sculpting contest while Little Red Riding Jacob meets the Big Bad Wolf. / Gerald turns into the best auctioneer in the world, using his sounds!

  • Little Red Riding Jacob faces the Big Bad Wolf, while Gerald uses his sound effects to hold an auction, and helps Mom carve an ice sculpture.

  • Gerald goes to the Doctor. / Gerald attempts to get Jacob's baby sister from crying while Gerald gets a new baby-sitter of his own.

  • Gerald visits the doctor, has fun with the burping sounds of "Pupperware," rules the Kingdom of Bling, and tries to stop a baby from crying.

  • Gerald does something in his sleep seemingly no one would have expected: he talks, and it's frightening! / Gerald's family goes to the county fair and Gerald attempts to "assist" a mime.

  • Gerald and family visit the county fair, a snowblower gets the better of Dad, and Gerald adds helpful sounds to a mime's performance.

  • Gerald tries to use his sounds to clear his Dad's workbench and has an Ancient Roman adventure! / Gerald tries to liven up a day at the park with some adventure music but ends up having an adventure of his own with a sea serpent.

  • Gerald causes mayhem at the drive-thru and in Dad's workshop, goes chariot racing in ancient Rome, and finds a clever way to load up on candy.

  • Gerald and the gang discover "aliens" at the observatory but even that can't be worse that what's really bothering Gerald: hiccups. / Gerald has to deal with Ding Dong the Giant ape terrorizing the town and every kid's worst nightmare: broccoli!

  • The kids' visit to the observatory leads to an alien invasion scare, Gerald gets the hiccups, and a book comes to life with Gerald's help.

  • Burb tries to save his friend from going to the pound, while Jacob accidentally shrinks Gerald and Janine. / Gerald tries to save Janine's boring play with his sounds and then goes on a quest to find the king's missing crown.

  • The kids try out new dog whistles, Jacob shrinks Gerald and Janine, Gerald's sounds save Janine's play, and Dad invents "Barber in a Box."

  • Gerald tries to get his way in a variety of situations using his sounds, but Jacob combats him with an air horn. / Gerald goes to the movies and is inspired to have his own 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea adventure.

  • The kids travel undersea, make shadow puppets, and warp Greek history with their Trojan Cow, while Gerald makes some scary noises in his sleep.

  • Gerald uses his sound effects to save Mom's concert and a town clock, Dad floods the house, and the kids look for the Loch Ness Monster.

  • Gerald and the gang go ice skating and fight an evil leprechaun. / Gerald and the gang explore an art museum, bringing it to life with his sounds!

  • Gerald's sound effects guide Dad home, leprechauns threaten Ireland's green, and Gerald, Jacob and Janine race Baron Cheats-a-Lot around the world.

  • Janine plays Cinderella, the kids camp out in the back yard, and Gerald causes sound effects havoc at the hardware store and Mom's beauty shop.

  • It's all about staying hidden, as Gerald helps Jacob with his escape artist tricks and the gang plays hide n' seek. / Gerald tries his hand at haircutting, opera, and cooking!

  • Gerald stars in his own version of "Jack and the Beanstalk," sets up his own barber shop, and tracks down an albino alligator.

  • Always up for a new experience, Gerald tries to learn air guitar and challenges a hot rod driver to a street race. / Gerald is about to have his picture taken, only one problem: he refuses to say cheese!

  • How do you take Gerald's picture when he won't say "cheese"? While Mom and Dad figure it out, join Gerald as he encounters a t-rex and a pesky genie.

  • That Gerald is such a trickster! Using his noises, Gerald can get almost anything he wants. / Gerald lends a helping hand, acting as his Father's car radio and helping Jacob take a picture of himself.

  • Gerald drives Burp crazy sounding like the can opener, flies into action against burglar Greta Von Grabby and fills in for Dad's broken car radio.

  • Gerald and the gang help a snowman return to the Arctic. / Gerald and his Father go on a mini-golf outing.

  • Gerald meets an old nemesis while trying to fool his parents. / Gerald saves his "superhero pals" Jacob and Janine and tries to save a kitten from a tree.

  • Pirate Scritchy McBeard sets a trap for Gerald. Meanwhile, Mom uses Gerald's sound effects to guess how he stained his shirt.

  • A series of misunderstandings leads to a bank robbery, a lot of oily household items, and an interaction with aliens. / Why does Gerald's Dad insist on ignoring Gerald? A tornado can be avoided, and a recipe better read if he would just listen to Gerald!

  • Gerald tries to keep quiet at the library, meets space aliens, and ends up being taken to a bowling alley when he tries to warn against a tornado.

  • Gerald uses his noises to trick carnies, his father, and a fire-breathing dragon! / Gerald is into trouble! Interrupting car shopping, inviting moose over the house, playing way too loud, what won't Gerald do to cause trouble?

  • Gerald's skills keep a dragon from sneezing fire, help Dad win at a carnival, cause some confusion at a phone store and lure moose into the house.

  • Gerald goes face to face with ghosts in a haunted house and an evil witch! / It's Gerald to the rescue! Gerald travels to a dark jungle to save Janine and Jacob and has to save his own Dad from some disgruntled birds.

  • First up is Halloween, a perfect time for Gerald to try out some spooky sound effects. Then, Gerald swings through the jungle to rescue his friends.

  • Gerald's Dad better watch out! Between an escaped gorilla and Gerald trying to steal his cookies, Gerald's Father has a lot on his plate. / Gerald isn't afraid of anything. Whether it's giving his dog a teeth cleaning or the Old West, Gerald is ready.

  • Gerald sounds the alarm when a gorilla gets loose, and makes a visit to the dentist that inspires him to inspect Burp's teeth.

  • Gerald saves the town from pirate Scritchy McBeard, learns how to play the saxophone, and starts a parade in a shopping mall.