Mega Babies

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This is an animated children's show that is about a group of babies who use their baby-like traits (like vomiting, drooling, farting, snot) to defeat aliens and other monsters. Their background story is that when they were brought to an orphanage, their future caregiver Nurse Lazlo and the three of them were all struck by lightning, giving them some powers.

Hulu Originals
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 3, 1999
Animation & Cartoon, Kids & Family
Cast: Jaclyn Linetsky, Sonja Ball
Mega Babies

Mega Babies Full Episode Guide

  • When a strain of metal-munching blueberries engineered by the government invade Your City, it's up to the Mega Babies to turn the crisis into a blueberry jam!

  • A restless Meg accidentally rips off her mattress tag, releasing a swarm of bed bugs from within her mattress.

  • Meg is delighted to be adopted, in lieu of being pestered all the time by those "boys!"

  • Derrick's allergic reaction to shellfish is causing him to morph into everything from a octopus to a lobster.

  • In search of culture, Lazlo takes the kids to visit the world's largest ball of string.

  • The Trio is visited by a trouble-making imp, Milo, who appears in an after bath bubble.

  • Buck's nasty habit of sleepwalking is happening again.

  • When Derrick escapes the orphanage in order avoid his immunization shot, he inadvertently infects the city with a Mega strain of chicken pox.

  • When the world's milk supply goes dry, it's the Mega Babies to the rescue.

  • Join the babies as teething Meg roams the city in search of something to soothe her aching gums. With a mega tooth, comes mega pain.

  • The babies meet their next door neighbor, retired Marine Leslie Grisbaum.