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  • TV-G
  • 1965
  • 1 Season
  • 6.9  (1,073)

Kimba, the White Lion is a classic anime series from the mid-1960s. It tells the story of a young white lion named Kimba, who is the heir to his father's kingdom in the African savannah. Kimba faces many challenges as he grows up, including fending off rival animal tribes, making new friends, and helping to preserve the natural beauty of his homeland.

The show begins with Kimba's father, the Lion King, being killed by humans who want to turn his kingdom into a hunting ground. Kimba is taken away by his mother to a remote area of the savannah, where he grows up learning about the world around him. As he gets older, he begins to dream of reclaiming his father's land and restoring it to its former glory.

Kimba is a charismatic character, with a strong sense of justice and a deep love for his friends and family. He is intelligent, resourceful, and always ready to help those in need. He has a natural talent for leadership, and this is put to the test when he meets a group of animals who are facing great danger from a gang of humans who are determined to destroy the savannah.

One of the main themes of the show is the relationship between humans and animals. Kimba must navigate this complex dynamic, as he tries to protect his fellow animals while also understanding the motivations of the humans who seek to exploit them. There is a strong environmental message in the show, as well, with Kimba and his friends working to preserve their natural habitat in the face of human encroachment.

Kimba is surrounded by a cast of memorable characters, both allies and enemies. His best friend is a wise old baboon named Dan'l, who serves as his advisor and confidant. He also has a love interest in a female lion named Kitty, and a friendly rivalry with an ambitious and hot-headed hyena named Claw.

The animation style of Kimba is colorful and vibrant, with a distinctly retro feel. The character designs are charming and expressive, and the backgrounds are often lush and detailed. The show's soundtrack is also noteworthy, with catchy and memorable tunes that will stay in your head long after the episode is over.

Kimba, the White Lion was a groundbreaking anime series when it first aired in Japan in 1965. It was one of the first anime shows to be dubbed into English and broadcast internationally, helping to introduce Japanese animation to a new generation of viewers. It has since become a cult classic, beloved by fans around the world.

Overall, Kimba, the White Lion is a charming and inspirational show that will appeal to viewers of all ages. Its positive message about the importance of protecting the environment and standing up for what is right is as relevant today as it was when the show first aired over 50 years ago. Whether you're a fan of classic anime or just looking for a heartwarming story with plenty of adventure, Kimba is definitely worth checking out.

Kimba, the White Lion is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (52 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1965.

Kimba, the White Lion
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Silvertail the Renegade
52. Silvertail the Renegade
September 3, 1967
Silvertail, the old renegade lion, stumbles into Kimba's jungle asking for help. Kimba and Daniel decide that if he promises not to attack weaker animals, they will hide him from the hunting party.
The Day the Sun Went Out
51. The Day the Sun Went Out
August 27, 1967
When Kimba's sister Leona realizes that a storm might destroy her grandfathers' hides that she's been protecting for many years, she enlists Kimba's aid in moving them to another shrine.
Soldier of Fortune
50. Soldier of Fortune
August 20, 1967
The animals in Kimba's kingdom find a strange new creature, Floppo, a seal who is a "Soldier of Fortune" off to see the world. Kimba has the wanderlust too, and wants to accompany Floppo on his travels.
The Sun Tree
49. The Sun Tree
August 13, 1967
Daniel receives a message from his old great-great-grand-uncle Scratch who has spent his entire life in the oldest and tallest tree in the world called the "sun tree."
The Red Menace
48. The Red Menace
August 6, 1967
When a rash of forest fires hits the jungle, the animals are in great fear as to how to combat the "red menace." With one valley burnt out, the surviving elephants are starving.
The Cobweb Caper
47. The Cobweb Caper
July 30, 1967
The jungle has been invaded by a monstrous spider with a giant appetite. It enmeshes the animals in its web and eventually eats them.
The Return of Fancy Prancy
46. The Return of Fancy Prancy
July 23, 1967
All the available young males of Kimba's kingdom are completely captivated by the sudden return of Speedy Cheetah's older sister, Prancy.
Such Sweet Sorrow
45. Such Sweet Sorrow
July 16, 1967
Uncle Pompus once again attempts to convince Roger Ranger to return to civilization, but how can he leave when Kimba's kingdom is under attack by Tonga?
A Friend in Deed
44. A Friend in Deed
July 9, 1967
Kimba and his friends decide to go to the beautiful, peaceful Valley of the Rainbow. To get there they must pass through a part of the jungle where the elephants jealously guard their graveyard.
Monster of the Mountain
43. Monster of the Mountain
July 2, 1967
A monster from high up in the Atlas Mountains is terrifying a peaceful little village nestled in the valley by appearing in the middle of the night and stealing cattle.
The Balloon That Blows up
42. The Balloon That Blows up
June 25, 1967
When Kimba finds Dot, Dash, and Dinky playing on this "thing made by humans," his curiosity forces him to climb aboard. During their investigation they touch something which sends them into flight.
Destroyers from the Desert
41. Destroyers from the Desert
June 18, 1967
While watching the sunset, Kimba and his friends see the Devil Wind cross the face of the sun: the sign of the Three Destroyers!
The Troublemaker
40. The Troublemaker
June 11, 1967
Benny is a cute little baby ostrich. Benny likes Kimba. In fact, Benny likes Kimba so much that he wants to be with Kimba all the time.
Running Wild
39. Running Wild
June 4, 1967
Antelopes -thousands of antelopes, hundreds of thousands of antelopes -all running wildly to their doom. Such is the situation that faces Kimba.
Volcano Island
38. Volcano Island
May 28, 1967
The teachers and students of Kimba's school are off on a camping trip to Volcano Island.
Legend of Hippo Valley
37. Legend of Hippo Valley
May 27, 1967
Hippo Valley is a magic place! Once cursed, when water miraculously returned the hippos decided it was sacred.
The Monster of Petrified Valley
36. The Monster of Petrified Valley
May 14, 1967
Charlie and Harley Cheetah decide to investigate Petrified Valley. When Kimba arrives to rescue them he meets Colosso, the last survivor of a race of giant birds.
The Pretenders
35. The Pretenders
May 7, 1967
Claw has vowed revenge because Kimba turned his hunting ground into an amusement park. True to his word, Claw sabotages the roller coaster and Kimba is seriously hurt.
Jungle Fun
34. Jungle Fun
April 30, 1967
An amusement park, with all kinds of rides and games, is a lot of fun. Building such a park, however, is a lot of work, especially when Claw is involved.
Jungle Justice
33. Jungle Justice
April 23, 1967
When Harold Heron disappears during a storm, his mother suspects foul play and accuses Clunker the Hippo.
The Last Poacher
32. The Last Poacher
April 16, 1967
Seymour Hart is a ranger on the huge reservation where people come from all over the world to see the animals of Africa living in their element.
City of Gold
31. City of Gold
April 9, 1967
There once was an ancient city where all the buildings were made of gold. Many years ago a great earthquake buried it and it was never seen again.
Adventure in the City
30. Adventure in the City
April 2, 1967
When Kitty's Uncle Specklerex begins a wild adventure that leaves him in the city, Kimba and Kitty must rescue the cantankerous lion from both himself and from Arthur Scotfree who is collecting specimens for a zoo!
The Nightmare Narcissus
29. The Nightmare Narcissus
March 26, 1967
Dr. Mendel Spees, who is testing secret weapons on the animals in the jungle, has planted a narcissus which is designed to cause nightmares to anyone who smells it. The experiment is successful.
The Wild Wildcat
28. The Wild Wildcat
March 19, 1967
There's a "wild wildcat" loose in the jungle, destroying Daniel Baboon's Diner and picking on the other animals.
The Chameleon Who Cried Wolf
27. The Chameleon Who Cried Wolf
March 12, 1967
Newton is a sad little chameleon who feels that life in the jungle is just too much. As a defense he has become the jungle's biggest liar!
A Revolting Development
26. A Revolting Development
March 5, 1967
The animals revolt, especially the meat-eating animals who cannot continue to eat only vegetables and insects. Claw and Cassius teach the young ones to enjoy the taste of meat and they too join the revolt against Kimba.
Too Many Elephants
25. Too Many Elephants
January 1, 1965
Mr. Pompous, Roger Ranger's uncle, has come to the jungle to convince Roger to return to civilization. He tells the Ranger that the animals at the game preserve are no longer safe as the rules have changed. Kimba decides to see this for himself and becomes the last hope for an endangered herd of elephants.
Gypsy's Purple Potion
24. Gypsy's Purple Potion
January 1, 1965
Cassius, Claw's former henchman, has a plan to destroy Kimba and take over the jungle. He enlists the aid of Gypsy, an old owl whose knowledge of poison potions is unequaled.
The Gigantic Grasshopper
23. The Gigantic Grasshopper
January 1, 1965
Daniel Baboon is wakened by a tremendous earthquake, but none of the other animals feel it. Then Kimba too experiences the strange, extremely localized earth tremors. What could be causing it? Could it have anything to do with UFOs? Is that a giant grasshopper?!
Dangerous Journey
22. Dangerous Journey
January 1, 1965
The jungle is threatened by an epidemic. The only cure can be found from a tree at the top of a mountain, which only Pop Wooly, an old mountain sheep, knows about. When Pop Wooly contracts the disease, Kimba must make the trip himself.
The Bad Baboon
21. The Bad Baboon
January 1, 1965
Big-0, another mandrill baboon who had been beaten by Daniel many years before, returns to get his revenge. Kimba tries to stop the battle because Daniel Baboon is now too old and the fight would not be fair. Big-O is determined to have his vengeance!
Restaurant Trouble
20. Restaurant Trouble
January 1, 1965
Because some animals are always fighting over food, Kimba and friends decide that an animal restaurant would solve the problem. Daniel Baboon is appointed manager but Pauley Parrot thinks he could do much better. The two are soon in competition, unaware that some of the bigger animals want to destroy the restaurant.
The Mystery of the Deserted Village
19. The Mystery of the Deserted Village
January 1, 1965
Claw has lured Kimba to the "deserted village" on the pretext that he wants to make up and be friends. When Speedy Cheetah finds Claw first he realizes it's a trap. As Speedy tries to warn Kimba, our hero meets a long-lost relative.
The Runaway
18. The Runaway
January 1, 1965
Gargoyle G. Warthog is so ugly that he's sure that no one wants him around and so he runs away. When Kimba and the others find him, they convince him that they are his friends and his mother loves him. What's more, it's cowardly to run away! To prove he's no coward, Gargoyle decides single-handedly take on a gang of troublemaking baboons.
The Magic Serpent
17. The Magic Serpent
January 1, 1965
Kimba is attempting to teach his schoolmates a lesson in tolerance. Rancid, the Reeky Bird, smells bad only because his diet consists mainly of stinkweed. Shunned by his classmates, Rancid soon becomes the most popular bird in the jungle when only he is able to save them from Puffyadder, the "Magic Serpent."
Diamonds in the Gruff
16. Diamonds in the Gruff
January 1, 1965
Two nasty and mean diamond smugglers are passengers aboard a plane flying over Kimba's kingdom. When a motor burns out, the captain throws out the luggage including a million dollars in smuggled diamonds. When the boss alligator eats the diamonds, the animals' troubles are just beginning.
Scrambled Eggs
15. Scrambled Eggs
January 1, 1965
Kimba, who is running a school for all the young animals, decides to hold a Spring Cleaning Day. In all the excitement, Speedy Cheetah sets off a chain of events that ends with the mothers not knowing whose egg is whose! How will Kimba figure out the mess?
Journey Into Time
14. Journey Into Time
January 1, 1965
Kimba plans to attend the Lion Convention but King Specklerex, the leader of the tribe organizing the event, knew Kimba's father and was so jealous of his wisdom and strength that he argues that Kimba with his white fur is not even a lion and banishes him. Kimba will do anything to find acceptance!
The Trappers
13. The Trappers
January 1, 1965
Viper Snakely and his sidekick masquerade as professors studying animal habits to gain the confidence of the animals and Roger Ranger. When Kimba recognizes the evil hunter, will he seek revenge or will he strengthen his resolve to work for peace?
The Hunting Ground
12. The Hunting Ground
January 1, 1965
At "The Hunting Ground" hunters are allowed to pay a fee and hunt any of the animals. Their greed has reduced the number of animals available. Tonga decides to invade the adjoining jungle to get more animals, and especially their leader, Kimba. It will take a miracle to save the animals from Tonga!
Catch 'Em If You Can
11. Catch 'Em If You Can
January 1, 1965
Kimba recounts one of the worst battles he ever had: the time when Tonga decided to have a hunting contest and brought to Africa three of the greatest hunters in the world. Kimba's clever thinking makes him a worthy catch that is never caught. Kimba hopes that one day there will be no hunter and no hunted.
Two Hearts and Two Minds
10. Two Hearts and Two Minds
January 1, 1965
Kimba has a dream that Kitty is in danger. Pauley Parrot suggests he travel to Kitty's jungle just to make sure she is all right. When Kimba is finally reunited with Kitty she does not appear to be in danger, but is everything as it seems?
The Flying Tiger
9. The Flying Tiger
January 1, 1965
When Kimba meets a flying tiger named Flyger, his troubles are just beginning. The result of a crazed experiment, Flyger feels like a freak of nature and has become the terror of the jungle. Kimba must put a stop to Flyger and teach a mad scientist that it's wrong to fly in the face of nature!
The Insect Invasion
8. The Insect Invasion
January 1, 1965
Kimba has convinced the meat-eating animals to change to vegetables so that the smaller animals can live without fear of being attacked. As the farm continues to grow, the animals are getting hungrier and hungrier and there's worse to come: A huge swarm of insects are heading right for their crops!
Battle at Dead River
7. Battle at Dead River
January 1, 1965
When Kimba rescues Kitty, a lovely lioness cub, Claw returns with a vengeance! With the help of the leopard Cassius, Claw begins to turn the animals against our hero. With the help of his friends, Kimba will clear his name and once again fight Claw for the title of King of the Jungle.
Jungle Thief
6. Jungle Thief
January 1, 1965
The animals are in trouble! A thief has stolen their emergency food supplies right in the middle of a drought. Kimba suggests a radical solution: The animals should start their own farm.
Fair Game
5. Fair Game
January 1, 1965
Kimba is puzzled by the behavior of Speedy Cheetah, who is fighting with everyone, particularly Kimba. Speedy believes that Kimba's father was responsible for the death of his grandfather. Desperate to prove his innocence, Kimba recounts an adventure that will take the animals all the way to Paris!
Great Caesar's Ghost
4. Great Caesar's Ghost
January 1, 1965
Samson, the water buffalo, does not go along with Kimba's ideas that all animals should enjoy peace and freedom. In fact, he prefers some of them as food! Together with his friends, Kimba hatches a plan to stop Samson.
A Human Friend
3. A Human Friend
January 1, 1965
Roger and his friend Mary are lost in the jungle. Mary runs off in a panic and meets Geraldine Giraffe. The startled Geraldine loses her footing and breaks her leg. The animals assume that these humans are troublemakers, but Kimba wisely turns to them for help. These humans will change the animal kingdom forever!
The Wind in the Desert
2. The Wind in the Desert
January 1, 1965
When Kimba returns home he finds the jungle ruled by a cruel tyrant, Claw. The animals look to him for leadership, but he is captured by a greedy hunter. After Kimba breaks free he learns that fighting is sometimes necessary to defend what is right. He must now challenge Claw.
Go, White Lion!
1. Go, White Lion!
January 1, 1965
Caesar, the great white lion and king of the jungle, wants all animals to live together peacefully. He even releases the villagers' animals so they can live freely. The angry villagers hire a hunter, Viper Snakely, to stop him. Snakely succeeds and as he transports Caesar's widow, Snowene, to a zoo a baby lion is born. It is Kimba!
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  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1965
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (1,073)