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  • TV-PG
  • 2003
  • 1 Season
  • 7.5  (1,708)

Dreamkeeper is a visually stunning, highly engaging television mini-series that originally aired in 2003. Produced by Sonar Entertainment and directed by Steve Barron, Dreamkeeper stars a talented cast that includes August Schellenberg, Eddie Spears, and Gary Farmer. It tells the story of a grandfather who takes his young grandson on a journey through his ancestral past, teaching him about their traditions, culture, and history. Presented through a series of captivating dream sequences and flashbacks, Dreamkeeper is an extraordinary display of Native American culture that is both enlightening and entertaining.

The movie begins with a vivid depiction of a sacred native American ceremony, as the storyteller, Grandpa Pete (Schellenberg), passes on the traditions of his people to his young grandson, Shane (Spears). He tells Shane about the importance of the dream world and how it can teach us about the past, guide us in the present, and predict the future. He then shares a series of captivating and entertaining stories, each of which comes to life in spectacular fashion on screen.

Throughout the course of the series, Shane is exposed to a variety of different cultural traditions and values, each of which teaches him an important lesson about himself and his heritage. From the epic tale of when the Crow and the Raven battled in the sky above, to the story of a young warrior who must prove his bravery by facing a fierce and powerful bear, every story is masterfully crafted and engaging in its own right.

One of the most compelling aspects of Dreamkeeper is its use of stunning visuals to capture the essence of Native American culture. From the colorful regalia of the dancers in the powwow, to the sweeping landscapes of the open plains and mountain ranges, the show is a feast for the eyes. The costuming, makeup, and sets all add to the authenticity of the series, transporting the viewer back in time to a world that is both beautiful and dangerous.

But above all, it is the acting that brings Dreamkeeper to life. Schellenberg delivers a powerful and moving performance as Grandpa Pete, a wise and gentle man who carries the weight of his people's history on his shoulders. Spears is equally impressive as the curious and wide-eyed Shane, a young boy who is eager to learn and experience everything that his grandfather has to offer. And Farmer adds a touch of humor and levity to the proceedings as the trickster coyote, who always seems to be lurking around the edges of the story, waiting to wreak havoc and cause mischief.

One of the standout episodes of the series is the story of the two sisters who were transformed into the first buffalo. This episode explores themes of sisterhood, jealousy, and sacrifice, and features some breathtaking shots of the natural world. The journey of the two sisters from human to buffalo is depicted in a manner that is both beautiful and haunting, and serves as a powerful metaphor for the cycles of life and death that are inherent in our existence.

Another standout episode is the story of the young warrior who must face the bear. This episode is a masterclass in suspense, as the tension builds and builds until the climactic confrontation between the two combatants. The bear itself is a towering figure, a powerful and fearsome presence that dominates the screen whenever it appears. But despite its size and ferocity, the bear is also shown to be a creature with vulnerabilities and flaws, a being that is not entirely different from the humans who challenge it.

Overall, Dreamkeeper is a beautiful and deeply felt tribute to Native American culture and tradition. It is a show that will captivate and enthrall viewers of all ages, drawing them into a rich and vibrant world that is both familiar and distant. With its stunning visuals, powerful themes, and outstanding performances, Dreamkeeper is a show that is not to be missed.

Dreamkeeper is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (2 episodes). The series first aired on December 29, 2003.

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Dreamkeeper - The Complete Miniseries Part 2
2. Dreamkeeper - The Complete Miniseries Part 2
December 30, 2003
I want to tell you a story as it was told to me. So begins a remarkable journey of the soul between two generations of men--a gift of life from the heart of the Dreamkeeper. Old Pete Chasing Horse (Genie Award winner August Schellenberg, Black Robe), otherwise known as Grandpa, is the storyteller of the Pine Ridge Reservation. Nearing a century old, it's Grandpa's duty to share the legends of his people, lest the stories lose their power. One boy who could use the wisdom of the stories is 17-year-old Shane Chasing Horse (Eddie Spears, Geronimo). A member of the Dog Soldiers, a Native American street gang, Shane is a world apart from his elders. At the request of his mother Janine, the boy's been given a chance to prove himself worthy of his honorable heritage by delivering Grandpa to the All Nations ceremony in New Mexico. Shane agrees, but he has a good motive. He owes his gang money. Getting out of town is good bet, even if it is with an old man and a broken-down pick-up truck (aka Many-Miles-With-No-Muffler). So begins their trek across the open vistas and distant Black Hills of South Dakota. Along this peaceful terrain, and under the calm of the moon, it's also the perfect time for Grandpa to tell his stories as they were told to him, perhaps for the last time. It's Shane's duty to listen, to remember and to keep the legends alive for the generations to follow. They are visionary stories of star-crossed lovers, of courage and escape, of patience and humility, of making peace with the past, and of facing unknown horizons with an open heart--much like the horizons Shane and Grandpa are about to face on a journey that will change both their lives forever.
1. Dreamkeeper - The Complete Miniseries Part 1
1. 1. Dreamkeeper - The Complete Miniseries Part 1
The legends of the Native American nations come to life in this epic new miniseries, as two generations--a century-old storyteller and his grandson, a troubled 17-year-old boy--embark on a cross-country journey toward self-discovery.
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Dreamkeeper is available for streaming on the Sonar Entertainment website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Dreamkeeper on demand at Amazon Prime and Amazon.
  • Premiere Date
    December 29, 2003
  • IMDB Rating
    7.5  (1,708)