Watch TV Shows on Sonar Entertainment

Independent entertainment is right at home on the web and that's where Sonar Entertainment has made a real name for itself. They create their own mini-series and television dramas to distribute around the world. They currently have a YouTube channel that showcases their powerhouse lineup of entertainment that is created by them and distributed to well-known companies like Hallmark Entertainment and even MTV. While Sonar focuses mostly on producing and distributing their own unique vision of entertainment, they also work with third parties to ensure that their visions come to life in every arena.

Sonar operates its own library of titles that can be browsed online, maintains a YouTube Channel for fans, and continues to produce such well-known titles as South of Hell which originally airs on the WeTV channel. While Sonar is based in Los Angeles and other areas of the United States, their reach is global in nature and continues to expand into new markets every year. They are passionate about their original series and also committed to bringing still more shows on board for their channel. Each mini-series or TV show is carefully handled by Sonar, who has always shown great reverence for the independent entertainment business. That's because they know that they have creative licensing over their projects.

Drama is something that Sonar does best, so if you love dramas and mysteries, you'll love Sonar Entertainment produced shows and always be able to enjoy them on the Sonar channel. They do other series from time to time, though, and always look to expand their genres.