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  • 2014
  • 1 Season

DreamPoint's Extend Your Range TV is a thrilling hunting show that airs on the Sportsman Channel. The show is hosted by Justin Olk, a seasoned hunter and experienced sportsman who takes viewers on an epic adventure as he attempts to hunt down some of the most elusive and challenging game animals in North America. With Justin's expertise and knowledge, viewers can learn a lot about hunting strategies, techniques, and equipment.

Throughout the show, viewers can see Justin travel to different places around the United States and Canada, navigating rugged terrain, and facing a variety of environmental challenges. The hunters featured on the show use innovative hunting techniques and equipment to extend their range and overcome the obstacles posed by hunting in the wild. The hunters also provide insight into the importance of ethical hunting practices to ensure that the animals are killed humanely and with minimal suffering.

DreamPoint's Extend Your Range TV is not just about the thrill of the hunt. The show also covers different aspects of conservation and wildlife management. As a conservationist, Justin strongly believes in the importance of preserving the natural habitats of wildlife, and viewers can see him working with organizations and local communities to ensure that the animals and their habitats remain protected.

The show is full of exciting moments, from close encounters with grizzly bears to intense rifle shots over long distances. Viewers can see how hunters are affected by adrenaline, wind, and weather conditions that can make or break a hunt. Each episode features unique locations, game animals, and a new set of challenges that require hunters to use different skills and equipment.

The production quality of DreamPoint's Extend Your Range TV is top-notch, and viewers can enjoy stunning cinematography and engaging storytelling that keeps them on the edge of their seats. The show creators have done an excellent job of capturing the beauty of the outdoors while showcasing the exhilaration of the hunt.

Moreover, Justin is an excellent host, and his passion for hunting and natural world comes through in every episode. He is informative, charismatic, and relatable, making viewers feel like they are a part of the hunt. His interaction with other hunters and local communities also makes the show unique and provides viewers with a more profound sense of the culture and traditions surrounding hunting.

In summation, DreamPoint's Extend Your Range TV is an excellent show for anyone who loves the outdoors, hunting, and wildlife conservation. It offers viewers a unique perspective on hunting and showcases the importance of ethical hunting practices and conservation. The show is full of exciting moments, educational segments, and stunning landscapes, making it enjoyable to watch for people of all ages. With Justin Olk's expertise and engaging hosting style, viewers can learn a lot about hunting and the great outdoors, making the show both entertaining and informative.

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Gator Bait
11. Gator Bait
March 12, 2014
Summary not available
Emotion, Part 2
3. Emotion, Part 2
January 15, 2014
To complete one of their best Antelope hunts the crew has to battle adversity.
Emotion, Part 1
2. Emotion, Part 1
January 8, 2014
Justin Olk gets some archery antelope action in Wyoming.
Patience Is A Virtue
1. Patience Is A Virtue
January 1, 2014
Justin Olk searches for a black bear in Alberta.
  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 2014