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  • 2010
  • 4 Seasons
  • 7.0  (66)

Everything's Rosie is an animated children's television show that premiered in 2010 on the Ameba streaming platform. The show revolves around the adventures of Rosie, a curious and fun-loving little girl rabbit, and her group of friends. These friends include Raggles, a mischievous blue rabbit; Big Bear, a kind and gentle bear; Will, a duckling who loves to play; Bluebird, a clever and resourceful bird; Oakley, a wise old owl; and Holly, a happy-go-lucky hedgehog.

The show's primary setting is the idyllic Oakley Village, a picturesque and peaceful woodland area filled with colorful trees, blooming flowers, and lush greenery. Here, the characters engage in all sorts of activities, often learning important lessons about kindness, friendship, and cooperation along the way. From building sandcastles on the beach to flying kites on the hill, there is never a dull moment in Rosie's world.

One of the central themes of the show is imagination, and many of the episodes are centered around the characters' flights of fancy. Whether it's Rosie imagining herself as a princess or Raggles pretending to be a superhero, the show encourages children to explore their own creativity and use their imaginations to dream up new and exciting adventures.

Another important theme of the show is problem-solving, as the characters often face challenges that require them to work together to find solutions. Whether it's figuring out how to get a kite out of a tree or rescuing a lost toy, the characters learn the value of persistence, cooperation, and creative thinking in solving problems.

The voice acting in Everything's Rosie is top-notch, with Emma Tate providing the voice of Rosie and Wayne Forester as Raggles. Teresa Gallagher lends her voice to a variety of characters, including Holly, Bluebird, and Oakley, and her versatile performances are a highlight of the show.

The animation in Everything's Rosie is bright and colorful, with a playful and whimsical style that reflects the show's fun and lighthearted tone. The character designs are simple but effective, with each character easily distinguishable from the others.

Overall, Everything's Rosie is a delightful children's show that is sure to capture the imaginations of its young viewers. With its engaging characters, fun-filled adventures, and positive messages about friendship and problem-solving, this is a show that parents can feel good about letting their kids watch. Whether they are watching Rosie and her friends build a sandcastle or going on a magical adventure through the woods, children are sure to be entertained and inspired by the world of Everything's Rosie.

Everything's Rosie is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (104 episodes). The series first aired on May 3, 2010.

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Blooming Lovely
26. Blooming Lovely
February 14, 2017
It's the annual garden festival and everyone wants to win a prize for the best display, but when Will's new gardening machine runs amok it looks like the competition is ruined.
The Art of Being Big Bear
25. The Art of Being Big Bear
February 7, 2017
When Big Bear hurts his arm, his friends offer to do his chores for him but when Holly mixes up his fruit tarts and the birds make a mess of his washing, he declares it's "just not the way a bear would do it..."
Journey to the Centre of the Earth
24. Journey to the Centre of the Earth
January 31, 2017
Raggles goes in search of a volcano and Will learns all about science experiments at Big Bears. When Big Bear's oven starts steaming and rumbling like a real eruption, Raggles knows just what to do.
The Very Previous Surprise
23. The Very Previous Surprise
January 24, 2017
When Rosie notices that Raggles old photo album is falling apart, she joins ranks with Will and Holly to make him a new one. But can they trust Archie not to spill the beans?
Four Seasons in One Day
22. Four Seasons in One Day
January 17, 2017
Whenever the friends go outside to play it starts to rain, so Rosie builds a weather station so she can predict what the weather will be.
Here We Go Gathering Nuts All Day
21. Here We Go Gathering Nuts All Day
January 10, 2017
Big Bear is cooking up a storm in his kitchen but the ingredients keep disappearing. Meanwhile Raggles and Will go on a treasure hunt and Rosie discovers a new friend in the garden.
The Silliest Scarecrow
20. The Silliest Scarecrow
January 3, 2017
Big Bear is struggling to save his raspberry crop, while the birds have fun with a scarecrow - and why is Raggles being more helpful than usual...?
Zip Zap Zip
19. Zip Zap Zip
March 20, 2015
Will just can't stop playing his new computer game but when the friends make up a real life game involving aliens from outer space, Will can't resist joining in.
When The Boat Comes In
18. When The Boat Comes In
March 19, 2015
It's been raining hard in the garden and Raggles can't get outside to try out his new boat. When Mr and Mrs Mordy are separated by a small flood, it's Holly to the rescue and Raggles gets to sail his boat after all.
Wakey Wakey
17. Wakey Wakey
March 18, 2015
All is VERY quiet in the garden and everyone has overslept. Could it have something to do with the family of little purple beetles that Holly rescued last night and why is Raggles prowling around wearing an owl mask?
Full of Beans
16. Full of Beans
March 17, 2015
Archie receives a special gift from his family in South America, and is hoping for a big box of chocolate. What he finds inside is not quite what he expects but maybe there is a way Rosie and her friends can make his wish come true.
Will at the Wheel
15. Will at the Wheel
March 16, 2015
Will has fun converting his old potters wheel in order to make Holly a present, and a mishap with a broken bike produces Will's best invention yet.
Across The Universe
14. Across The Universe
March 15, 2015
The friends are enjoying a star-gazing evening at Big Bear's den learning all about the solar system, until Grandfather Bear's telescope is accidentally broken. Will Big Bear ever be able to see the planets again?
From Pole to Goal
13. From Pole to Goal
March 14, 2015
It's a snowy day in the garden and the friends set out on an expedition to discover the East Pole, but when a blizzard hits and their tent is blown away they must work together to keep safe, just like real polar explorers.
Try Something New Day
12. Try Something New Day
March 13, 2015
Will sets out to break his speed record in the Go Speeder and Rosie leans a new musical instrument. Meanwhile Big Bear befriends a little caterpillar who is scared of turning into a butterfly.
Will's Magic Moment
11. Will's Magic Moment
March 12, 2015
It's the day of the Talent Show and everyone puts on their best performance for the critical judges. Will Archie manage to perfect his act in time for the finale and why are Oakley's jokes so bad...?
Twigs, Camera, Action!
10. Twigs, Camera, Action!
March 11, 2015
Will sets out to make a film of 'Life in the Garden' but when the camera goes missing, a frantic search ensues to find it in time for Rosie's Movie Night.
The Book of Lost and Found
9. The Book of Lost and Found
March 10, 2015
Raggles is making a book for Holly's new library but he can't think of a story. With Saffie's help, and a trip around the garden, Raggles realizes that 'inspiration is all around you...' you just need to look for it.
Big Bear's Brumba
8. Big Bear's Brumba
March 9, 2015
Big Bear wants to get fit so Rosie and Raggles set out to help. After trying, and failing, at different exercises Big Bear is ready to give up, until Will's new instrument provides the answer.
The Licky Sticky Friend
7. The Licky Sticky Friend
March 8, 2015
Holly wants a cuddly pet but the cheeky frog Will finds at the stream isn't quite what she was looking for.
6. Codebreakers
March 2, 2015
Will makes up a new game but refuses to play fair, so Rosie and Raggles devise a secret code of their own in order to outwit Will and Archie.
The Raggles Express
5. The Raggles Express
March 2, 2015
Raggles makes his very own cardboard train but there's just one problem - no one needs him to take them anywhere!
The Great Jumping Joke
4. The Great Jumping Joke
March 2, 2015
Will is enjoying playing practical jokes on everyone but Raggles has the last laugh when Archie gives him a mysterious packet containing some very naughty Mexican jumping beans!
Holly's Home From Home
3. Holly's Home From Home
March 2, 2015
When things start disappearing all over the garden, Raggles sets out to solve the mystery. A frantic chase for Mrs Mordys hat reveals a brand new friend looking for a home.
Life Beneath The Waves
2. Life Beneath The Waves
March 2, 2015
Raggles is determined to explore the world of underwater creatures and heads off to find the sea. When Big Bear tells him the sea is much too far away, Raggles is disappointed, but with help from his friends he might still get to see a shark after all...!
The Wind That Shakes The Plum Tree
1. The Wind That Shakes The Plum Tree
March 2, 2015
It's a windy day in the garden and Big Bear is sad to discover his favorite plum tree has blown down. With Rosie's help, everyone finds a way to recycle every part of the tree and there are enough plums left for Big Bear to make a delicious cake for tea!
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  • Premiere Date
    May 3, 2010
  • IMDB Rating
    7.0  (66)