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This show is designed for children to help them deal with some tough issues. The characters from Sesame Street included Big Bird and Elmo are featured on this show. These subjects that they talk about include bullying, death, and poverty. The show also shows parents how to talk about these issues with their children.

Sesame Workshop
1 Season, 6 Episodes
January 1, 2008
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Families Watch Together Full Episode Guide

  • Elmo and his family remember Uncle Jack.

  • Elmo, Telly, and Big Bird talk about fear, loss, bullying, and differences. Their experiences can help families express their feelings. Presented by Sesame Street.

  • Families discuss how they prepare for deployment.

  • This Sesame Street program helps military families cope with deployment.

  • Here For You tells the story of Sesame Street's Elmo visiting his cousin Chester in the hospital as Chester is treated for a serious illness. This segment is designed to encourage children to express their feelings and concerns about their illnesses.

  • Talk, Listen, Connect: Deployments, Homecomings, Changes provides support and resources for military families with children aged two to five. Elmo's dad returns home from working far away, and the whole family works together to adjust.

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