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This series shows some B list celebrities as they attempt to open a restaurant. The show will feature them working on a design, concept, and getting the business aspect of the restaurant taken care of. Once it opens the viewer will get to see if they are going to be a success or will end up closing.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on VH1
1 Season, 10 Episodes
July 10, 2011
Cast: Greg DeMichiel, Eric Mentis, Brad Miller, Matt Weiland
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Famous Food Full Episode Guide

  • It's the big night and Mike and Lonnie are ready to choose a partner. However, one potential partner makes a shocking decision and now anyone could be picked.

  • After a grueling 28 days the restaurant is open to friends and family for a trial run. But things go from bad to worse as equipment starts breaking. Can the team salvage their big opening?

  • Scott fails on the design forcing the team to scramble for alternatives. Meanwhile, Juicy puts his partner in a difficult position.

  • Things continue to go downhill fast when the team receives more bad news. Meanwhile, Juicy is out of control and Ashley goes M.I.A. Frustrated, Mike and Lonnie send a threatening message that could jeopardize their position to stay in the competition.

  • Danielle seeks vengeance against the rest of the team.

  • Danielle makes an independent executive decision, but when a few of the team members sneak behind her back, things get out of control The problems don't stop there, the fire marshal pays an unexpected visit and what he tells the team threatens to destroy everything they've worked so hard for.

  • The cast deliberates the fate of Ashley's return following her fight with DJ Paul. Meanwhile, the interior Designer Scott drops a bomb on the team. And when Jake and Danielle butt heads on the menu, things really start to heat up in the kitchen.

  • The team must find a Chef but things don't go well when Heidi steps on Danielle's toes. Things go from bad to worse when Danielle's chef makes Heidi sick. Meanwhile Ashley makes a drastic decision.

  • The celebrities struggle to find an interior designer for their themed restaurant. The group is split into two teams and the battle begins between Ashley and Danielle. Put to the test by the rest of the cast, Danielle desperately tries to keep her control over the restaurant. Will she cave under the pressure?

  • In the series premiere of Famous Food, seven celebrities enter a competition to become a partner in the Dolce group's newest restaurant. Unbeknownst to them, they must work together to create the restaurant from the ground up before they can be part owner. The first task of creating the theme and name of the restaurant is soon overtaken by chaos and fighting.

Famous Food News

Heidi Montag vs Danielle Staub: Reality Stars to Hit the Chopping Block in New VH1 Series 'Famous Food'

On Sunday July 10, VH1 will premiere "Famous Food," a new show that gives racy reality stars the chance to put their name to a hip Hollywood restaurant just like Ashton Kutcher's Geisha House. The glories of VIP seating and unlimited bread baskets could soon belong to those who have grown famous for being famous, but of course, they'll have to work for it first.

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