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In this Israeli thriller series, a former IDF agent comes out of retirement to help track down a dangerous enemy that he'd thought had been soundly defeated. The agent's return to service doesn't go smoothly, however, and eventually the situation descends into the sectarian violence typical of the Middle East. The series debuted on Israeli TV in 2015 and on Netflix in 2016.

Sunday at 10:15PM et/pt on yes
2 Seasons, 24 Episodes
February 15, 2015
Action & Adventure
Cast: Lior Raz, Shadi Mar'i, Laëtitia Eïdo, Itzik Cohen
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Fauda Full Episode Guide

  • In the season finale, Doron confronts Al-Maqdisi directly

  • The information received from Walid enables the "barbershop operation" to move forward. Doron is deep in mourning and finds it difficult to recover from, until he, too, with the encouragement of the unit, makes the decision that he must act.

  • Shirin is forced to leave the country and to say goodbye to Doron, who understands that an unusual and complex relationship has developed between them, and even seems to be burdened by the presence of the guest at his home.

  • The removal of Walid from the military wing of Hamas offers an opportunity for al-Maqdisi to become Walid's heir despite the old disagreements with Hamas. On the other hand, Job takes advantage of Abu Samara's weaknesses in order to carry out a complex operation in the heart of the Casbah of Nablus.

  • Doron understands the danger that surrounds his home and his family and decides to take independent action with Steve. Al-Maqdisi is helping Walid despite the latter's intention to harm him. While the secret channel between Doron and Shirin gives its fruits.

  • Al-Maqdisi refuses to let go. His attempts to harm Doron and the undercover soldiers bring him into a confrontation with the Hamas political leadership and the tension with Walid. As a result of Al-Maqdisi's activity, Shirin is also arrested for a surprise visit to the interrogation room.

  • This season, a new opponent appears and devours all the cards as he changes the balance of power in the West Bank and presents a new challenge for the team.

  • While the team scrambles to give Doron backup on his mission into the lion's den, Walid makes a decision that could change everything.

  • Doron's bosses give him the go-ahead to carry out his plan, but he discovers the toll his family has paid for his obsession with Abu Ahmed.

  • Doron gets a surprise visitor while waiting to learn his fate. Abu Ahmed lays out his master plan that could change the region's balance of power.

  • While suspicion grows between Abu Ahmed and his inner circle, Doron poses as a would-be suicide bomber to get perilously close to his target.

  • In the wake of the prisoner exchange, Doron disappears, Walid confronts Abu Ahmed about his tactics, and Moreno's boss threatens to dissolve the team.

  • While Moreno tries to track down the rogue team, Doron sinks his hooks deeper into Shirin and takes drastic measures to make a prisoner exchange.

  • Blamed for the disastrous ambush, Doron takes matters into his own hands and asks the team to join him on a mission to set things right.

  • A senior Israeli officer tries to smoke Abu Ahmed out of hiding. Ali fights suspicions of duplicity, and Boaz joins the squad on a risky ambush.

  • Doron sets his sights on recruiting Shirin to his cause, Abu Ahmed risks his life to see his wife, and Moreno sends the team on a daring daytime raid.

  • Abu Ahmed leans on Walid to organize an immediate retaliatory attack, and Doron and Nurit go undercover to close in on their quarry.

  • Having tasted action again, Doron pleads with Moreno to rejoin the squad. Meanwhile, Amal determines to martyr herself to avenge her husband.

  • Discovering that Abu Ahmed will attend his brother's wedding, Doron joins his old team for a covert strike, but the plan quickly goes off the rails.

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