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  • TV-14
  • 2020
  • 1 Season
  • 8.6  (13,512)

Flower of Evil is a South Korean television drama that aired on tvN in 2020. It tells the story of a man named Baek Hee-sung, who seems to be leading an ordinary life as a metal craftsman with a loving wife and daughter. However, he harbors a dark secret that threatens to unravel his entire life, leaving him with no choice but to confront his past and face the consequences.

Baek Hee-sung, played by Lee Joon-gi, is the perfect husband and father, but his past is shrouded in mystery. He is actually an infamous serial killer named Do Hyun-soo, who has been on the run for years after committing several murders. He has managed to disguise himself and start a new life, but his past catches up to him when the police reopen his case.

As the investigation progresses, Baek Hee-sung's wife, Cha Ji-won, portrayed by Moon Chae-won, becomes suspicious of her husband and begins to question his true identity. She is a police detective who is determined to get to the bottom of the case and find out the truth about her husband's past. Their daughter, Baek Eun-ha, played by Jang Hui-jin, is caught in the middle of their turmoil and struggles to understand what is going on around her.

Throughout the series, Baek Hee-sung tries to prove his innocence while also keeping his true identity a secret. He desperately tries to protect his family from harm while also trying to keep his own past from resurfacing. However, as the investigation intensifies, he finds it increasingly difficult to keep up the facade and must confront the truth about his past.

The show, directed by Kim Cheol-kyu, is a suspenseful and thrilling drama that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. The storyline is complex and multi-layered, with each character having their own secrets and motivations. The acting is top-notch, especially Lee Joon-gi's portrayal of Baek Hee-sung, which is both chilling and sympathetic.

The theme of the show is the destructive power of secrets and lies. The characters are all struggling to protect their own secrets and maintain their own sense of identity. However, as their secrets begin to unravel, they realize that the lies they have been telling themselves and others have led to a web of deceit that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear.

The show also explores the concept of redemption and forgiveness. Baek Hee-sung is a character who has committed heinous crimes, but the show also presents him as someone who is capable of change and remorse. He is a man who is desperately trying to leave his past behind and start anew, but finds that his past is always chasing him. The show never condones or justifies his actions, but presents him as a complex and flawed human being.

Overall, Flower of Evil is a must-watch for anyone who enjoys suspenseful dramas with complex characters and intricate storylines. The show is masterfully crafted and keeps the viewers engaged from start to finish. The performances are superb, and the direction is spot-on. It is a show that will leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more.

Flower of Evil is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (16 episodes). The series first aired on July 29, 2020.

Flower of Evil
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Another Beginning
16. Another Beginning
September 23, 2020
Two gunshots are fired and the two people fall to the ground. Seeing Hyun Soo shot instead of her, Cha Ji Won feels like her world is crumbling around her.
Detective Cha is Dead
15. Detective Cha is Dead
September 17, 2020
Do Hae Soo saves Eun Ha by sacrificing herself. Baek Hee Seong and Hyun Soo finally confront each other.
An Unwelcome Guest
14. An Unwelcome Guest
September 16, 2020
The police burst into Hyun Soo's metal-working studio but he is gone with Cha Ji Won. The real Baek Hee Seong devises a scheme to get Hyun Soo in trouble.
The Invisible Accomplice
13. The Invisible Accomplice
September 10, 2020
Hyun Soo and Cha Ji Won visit Baek Hee Seong's parents, Baek Man Woo and Gong Mi Ja, to find out their secret related to Yeon Ju City Serial Murders.
Hyun Su is not a Bad Person
12. Hyun Su is not a Bad Person
September 9, 2020
Being heard that Cha Ji Won knows the truth, Do Hae Soo who is overwhelmed by guilt goes to the police station to turn herself in.
Can't Leave Without You
11. Can't Leave Without You
September 2, 2020
Hyun Su gets into trouble while undergoing a plan to find Do Min Seok's accomplice. Just when Hyun Su is about to give up, Ji Won shows up and saves him. Although Ji Won forces Hyun Su to run away before it's too late.
Hyun Su's Deal
10. Hyun Su's Deal
August 27, 2020
Hyun Su seals a deal with the head of the human-trafficking ring to retrieve information about Do Min Seok's accomplice. Ji Won feels anxious about Hee Sung's every move and Hee Sung starts to think that Ji Won might know who he really is.
I'll Find the Accomplice
9. I'll Find the Accomplice
August 26, 2020
Ji Won visits Moo Jin's house and finds Hyun Su and Hae Su there. Ji Won tells Hyun Su that she doesn't love him anymore. Hyun Su thinks the only way to turn things back to normal is to find the accomplice himself.
8. Reinvestigation
August 20, 2020
Hyun Su asks Moo Jin to look for Hae Su in order to find the accomplice. Ji Won's team gets to re-investigate the Yeonju City serial murder. Meanwhile, Hyun Su finally meets Hae Su.
I Know You
7. I Know You
August 19, 2020
Ji Won can't clear up her doubts about Hee Sung, so she triggers him with the recording of Do Hyun Su's voice and asks him to go to Do Min Seok's workshop. Hae Su meets up with Moo Jin.
The Witness
6. The Witness
August 13, 2020
Hee Sung was brought to an emergency room without any consciousness. Luckily, he wakes up, but Ji Won heard something unexpected while Hee Sung was unconscious. Moo Jin tries to talk to the witness to get to the bottom of the story.
The Watch Strap
5. The Watch Strap
August 12, 2020
A police officer hands over a watch strap that is engraved with Hee Sung's initial on it. Ji Won instinctively feels something is wrong. And the owner of the inn calls the police to report that a taxi driver is beating up a passenger.
The Real Culprit
4. The Real Culprit
August 6, 2020
Hee Sung gets baffled to become the prime suspect of Hoesin-dong Chinese restaurant murder case. Only Hee Sung and Moo Jin know that someone else is copying Do Hyun Su to pin the murder case on him.
Something is Off
3. Something is Off
August 5, 2020
Ji Won feels something is not right when she saw Hee Sung coming home with a raincoat on in the middle of the night. Ji Won gets assigned another murder case, surveillance footage shows that the victim got killed by a man in a raincoat.
Missing Thumbnails
2. Missing Thumbnails
July 30, 2020
A murder case similar to the Yeonju City serial murder case happened. The victim's thumbnail was missing. Something seems off about the case and Ji Won tries to solve it.
My Dad Tried To Kill Me
1. My Dad Tried To Kill Me
July 29, 2020
Baek Hee Sung and Cha Ji Won are a married couple with a daughter. Ji Won is a detective and investigating a case in which In Seo, a boy, got into an accident and pointed his father as the culprit.
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Flower of Evil is available for streaming on the tvN website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Flower of Evil on demand at Netflix.
  • Premiere Date
    July 29, 2020
  • IMDB Rating
    8.6  (13,512)