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  • 1970
  • 5 Seasons
  • 7.7  (36)

Chef Tyler Florence comes to the rescue of home cooks suffering from food dilemmas. From fallen souffles to overcooked chicken, Tyler can help anyone get out of a sticky situation.

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Mardi Gras BBQ
50. Mardi Gras BBQ
March 15, 2021
Tyler gives NOLA party-lovers a couple of recipes that will wow their neighbors during their Mardi Gras party.
Tiki Bar Treats
49. Tiki Bar Treats
June 29, 2010
Tyler teaches a man how to make a vegetable pu pu platter of Polynesian-appropriate palatables while he serves up Mai Tais.
Salmon in Seattle
48. Salmon in Seattle
June 21, 2006
Tyler helps a Seattle woman learn how to cook Pan-Roasted Soy-Lacquered Salmon as well as Shrimp-and-Vegetable Tempura and more.
Great Grill, Great View
47. Great Grill, Great View
May 29, 2006
Tyler shares a few recipes for a couple's epic grilling party including Grilled Chicken and Garlicky Portobello Salad, Southwest Beef Tenderloin and Grilled Salmon with Mango Salsa.
Girl Meets Grill
46. Girl Meets Grill
May 23, 2006
Tyler helps a woman master the grill with recipes for Grilled Marinated Strip Steak, Spicy Crab Salad and Grilled Fennel Dusted Tuna.
Healthy Picnic for Two
45. Healthy Picnic for Two
April 25, 2006
Tyler helps a couple agree on a delicious picnic meal consisting of Salmon, Couscous and Watercress with Creamy Herb Dressing and more.
Curry and Spice
44. Curry and Spice
April 3, 2006
Tyler helps a woman make Spicy Chicken Coconut Curry and her own Curry Powder for her beach-loving surfer friends.
High Seas Picnic
43. High Seas Picnic
March 16, 2006
Tyler helps a woman with some new recipe ideas to include on her family's catamaran picnics.
Slam Dunk Dinner
42. Slam Dunk Dinner
March 14, 2006
Tyler helps co-eds from ASU's women's basketball team come up with better alternatives to microwavable foods.
Big Surf Clambake
41. Big Surf Clambake
March 8, 2006
Tyler brings a helping hand and a few delicious recipes for a woman's Clambake that includes corn, potatoes, kielbasa and, of course, clams!
Tapas Premiere
40. Tapas Premiere
March 2, 2006
Tyler comes to the rescue of a group of film students throwing a premiere party with recipes for Potato and Chorizo Tortillas, Menchego Quince Skewers and more!
Fish Tacos
39. Fish Tacos
January 4, 2006
Tyler shows the secrets of the famed fish taco and shares recipes for Chicken Burritos and Spicy Mojo Sauce.
Brunch Bests
38. Brunch Bests
December 19, 2005
Tyler gives two guys some great tips on making the perfect brunch complete with Strawberry-and-Cheese Blintzes, Green Eggs and Ham and Champagne Lemonade.
Sunday Dinner
37. Sunday Dinner
December 9, 2005
Tyler helps a woman prepare an old-fashioned Sunday dinner complete with Roasted Chicken, Mashed Parsnips and Potatoes and a Lemon Blueberry Tart.
Christmas in Vegas
36. Christmas in Vegas
December 5, 2005
Tyler helps a woman and her husband throw a memorable holiday party with recipes for Homemade Potato Chips, Minestrone, Roasted Baby Pears and more.
Heavenly Prime Rib
35. Heavenly Prime Rib
November 28, 2005
Tyler shows a man how to make a Horseradish-and-Salt-Crusted Prime Rib with Crunchy Rosemary Potatoes, Creamed Spinach and Herbed Yorkshire Pudding.
Caribbean Flavors
34. Caribbean Flavors
November 24, 2005
Tyler helps a couple of twins transport their family and friends to Barbados with a Caribbean-inspired party that includes Halibut Escabeche, Cornmeal with Okra and Bajan Chicken.
Flavors of Central America
33. Flavors of Central America
November 15, 2005
Tyler helps a man bring his taste buds back to Central America with fresh and flavorful recipes.
Wine Country Asian
32. Wine Country Asian
November 10, 2005
Tyler comes to the rescue as he joins Patsy at the Benziger Family Winery to cook up a red-hot menu.
Firehouse Thanksgiving
31. Firehouse Thanksgiving
November 7, 2005
Tyler Florence helps a firefighter create a memorable Thanksgiving dinner for his firehouse.
Soul Food Praises
30. Soul Food Praises
November 4, 2005
Tyler teams up with a woman and her church group to make Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, Green Beans and Black-Eyed Peas.
The Spaghetti Kid
29. The Spaghetti Kid
November 2, 2005
Tyler gives a 12-year-old budding chef a few shopping tips and teaches him recipes for Sugo Sauce, Spaghetti and Meatballs and homemade Caesar Salad.
Chili Roundup
28. Chili Roundup
October 27, 2005
Tyler helps a man master a Texas favorite with his chipotle, chocolate and chili-powder-packed Texas Chili.
No Risk Lobster Bisque
27. No Risk Lobster Bisque
October 26, 2005
Tyler stops by to show a woman the secrets of making perfectly rich Lobster Bisque topped with Grilled Brie and Tomato on Crusty Bread.
Texas Tea Party
26. Texas Tea Party
October 24, 2005
Tyler helps a woman with some great ideas for creating the perfect madcap Mad Hatter tea party.
Korean BBQ
25. Korean BBQ
October 21, 2005
Tyler helps a woman prepare a mixed Korean grill feast complete with Quick Spicy Kimchi, Sweet Pickled Daikon Radishes and Cool Sesame Cucumbers.
Positively Panini!
24. Positively Panini!
October 18, 2005
Tyler helps a woman master her panini press by sharing a variety of delicious sandwich recipes.
Hail to Greece!
23. Hail to Greece!
October 14, 2005
Tyler comes to the rescue for a woman who's having a hard time finding authentic Greek flavors.
Frozen Feast
22. Frozen Feast
October 12, 2005
Tyler helps a woman make some cool new dishes including Frozen Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail, Creamsicle Mimosas and the best Margarita Ice Pops ever!
Miami Fusion Flavors
21. Miami Fusion Flavors
October 10, 2005
Tyler teaches a woman what fusion really means as well as how to utilize the wonderful, indigenous ingredients available in Miami.
Risotto Rescue
20. Risotto Rescue
October 6, 2005
Tyler joins a Florida woman at a local farm stand where they assemble the ingredients for a delicious spring-inspired menu.
Texas Ranch Roast
19. Texas Ranch Roast
October 4, 2005
Tyler joins a Texas woman to make a ancho-rubbed pork roast with Calypso Bean Tomato and Poblano Stew, Grilled Corn on the Cob with Lime Butter and Texas Coleslaw.
Tastes of Russia
18. Tastes of Russia
September 28, 2005
Tyler whips up recipes for Beef Stroganoff, Roasted Beet and Apple Borscht and Apple-Cranberry Kissel for a man and his recently adopted kids from Russia.
Chicken Fried Steak
17. Chicken Fried Steak
September 23, 2005
Tyler helps a woman make Chicken-Fried Steak as well as a variety of other Texas classics the whole family will enjoy.
Chinese Roots
16. Chinese Roots
September 22, 2005
Tyler helps a man create a delectable menu of Chinese takeout favorites including Scallion Pancakes, General Tso's Chicken and Salt-and-Pepper Shrimp.
Campfire Cooking
15. Campfire Cooking
September 13, 2005
Tyler puts a new twist on campfire food for a camping enthusiast that includes Hearty Shiitake Mushroom and Miso Soup, Pan-Roasted Chicken and Crisp Soba Noodles.
Conquering Corned Beef
14. Conquering Corned Beef
September 7, 2005
Tyler helps a man conquer his favorite dish -- Corned Beef and Cabbage -- by showing him a simple recipe.
Taco Obsession
13. Taco Obsession
September 2, 2005
Tyler helps a duo wow their friends by making the perfect Mexican tacos.
San Diego Surf 'n' Turf
12. San Diego Surf 'n' Turf
August 30, 2005
Tyler helps a surf-and-turf-loving woman how to make Grilled Lamb Chops with Spicy Lobster and Sticky Braised Short Ribs with Seared Scallops.
Spaghetti Western
11. Spaghetti Western
August 26, 2005
Tyler teaches a woman how to make a big Italian meal consisting of Sicilian-Style Spaghetti with Eggplant, Texas-Size Antipasto and Blood Orange Sorbetto to thank her band mates for their hard work.
Shrimp Ahoy!
10. Shrimp Ahoy!
August 19, 2005
Tyler cooks up three great shrimp dishes dockside with a couple of fishermen along the beautiful Louisiana bayou.
Viva Venezuela!
9. Viva Venezuela!
August 17, 2005
Tyler heads to Miami to help a couple of guys master the techniques and flavors of Venezuelan cooking with a few important dishes.
Moroccan in Miami
8. Moroccan in Miami
August 15, 2005
Tyler Florence shows a woman how to make a robust Moroccan meal for her friends at her Miami home.
The Whole Fish
7. The Whole Fish
August 12, 2005
Tyler teaches a woman the proper way to make and present whole fish with recipes for Snapper, Arctic Char and more.
Mexican Fiesta
6. Mexican Fiesta
August 5, 2005
Tyler helps the lead singer of Smash Mouth create tasty Mexican recipes he can prepare on the road including Shrimp Ceviche, Bacon-Wrapped Scallops and mini servings of Spicy Grilled Tenderloin Carpaccio.
Parisian Favorites
5. Parisian Favorites
August 3, 2005
Tyler helps a woman create a French feast for her travel friends that includes Frisee Salad, Creamy Garlicky Mussels and French Fries with Garlic Mayonnaise.
Lo Cal High Flavor
4. Lo Cal High Flavor
July 30, 2005
Tyler has a menu perfect for a Miami personal trainer looking for recipe ideas that won't undo her client's hard work.
Pasta for Five
3. Pasta for Five
July 13, 2005
Tyler helps a group of young college freshmen create easy pasta dishes that feed a group and don't take forever to make.
Cooking with Beer
2. Cooking with Beer
July 9, 2005
Tyler shows a beer lover a few great recipes that utilize the tasty libation as a key ingredient.
Outdoor Entertaining
1. Outdoor Entertaining
July 5, 2005
Tyler helps a couple with a few recipes that will up their game when it comes to entertaining in their new San Diego backyard.

Chef Tyler Florence comes to the rescue of home cooks suffering from food dilemmas. From fallen souffles to overcooked chicken, Tyler can help anyone get out of a sticky situation. Food 911 is a series that is currently running and has 5 seasons (183 episodes). The series first aired on January 1, 1970.

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Food 911 is available for streaming on the discovery+ website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Food 911 on demand at Food Network.

  • Premiere Date
    January 1, 1970
  • IMDB Rating
    7.7  (36)