Football Town

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Football Town: will follow a high school team located in the remotest of regions as they try to win their school's first state championship. Featuring amazing shots of Alaska it introduces us to the town of Barrow, where the local team, the Whalers, plays football on a field sandwiched between a frozen lagoon and the Arctic Ocean. "There are no roads in, and life is lived below zero," says the narrator. "But in Barrow, Alaska, football offers a ray of hope."

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on NFL Network
2 Seasons, 11 Episodes
September 18, 2015
Action & Adventure, Drama
Football Town

Football Town Full Episode Guide

  • As the Wildcats make their way through the season, two quarterbacks are hoping to be called upon as the team begins to sputter for the first time.

  • As coaches fight to balance football and academics, the Wildcats prepare for their crosstown rival. With a win, the Wildcats would become the first high school team in the nation to reach 900 wins.

  • The most successful high school football team in the nation hires a tough new head coach to try and lead them back to their first state championship in 18 years.

  • Late November creeps toward Barrow, bringing with it months of winter gloom. The team looks to keep their season going to stave off the depressing darkness and bring light in the form of a championship win.

  • Barrow experiences an unusually fierce fall storm that shakes up the entire town, forcing one Whaler team member and his family to fight to save their home.

  • As game day approaches, the team is dealt a crippling blow. Despite the challenges, Coach Houston continues to lead his stunned team of underclassmen.

  • Because of its location, 500 miles north of the Arctic Circle, its all about the love of the game for the Barrow High School football team.

  • As the summer sun finally begins to set, The Barrow Whalers face the gauntlet of Hell Week in preparation for their first game.

  • The incredible journey of Alaska's Barrow High School Football team and what it takes to play football at the top of the world.