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The NFL Network's Top 10 series is a show which focuses on a specific topic related to the NFL every week. The addresses a wide variety of information, with topics that range from individual position play to coaching to draft day mechanics and even more abstract topics such as which teams have had the best nicknames. Within the topic for a given week the top 10 examples will be presented and analyzed.

The coverage of the topic is very thorough and presented from multiple points of view. NFL Network analysts, along with those from other media sources, provide expert breakdown of the mechanics of the topic. Interviews with former players, coaches, and other team organization members can add more personal insights, such as a linebacker describing what it was like to try and tackle an elusive running back like Barry Sanders.

The focused and encapsulated nature of the show makes it useful to NFL fans of all levels. It presents a great learning opportunity for those just getting into the game while long time fans can both increase their knowledge and relive some of their favorite highlights with more in-depth information.

NFL Network
2 Seasons, 47 Episodes
February 5, 2010

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