Get 'Em Tommy

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  • 2018
  • 2 Seasons

Who (or what) is Tommy gonna fight next? Watch now and find out.

Get 'Em Tommy
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Golden Star
10. Golden Star
December 12, 2016
Fiona "inadvertently" tosses Tommy across the country where he is thrilled to meet Golden Star, the number 1 GFC Champion.
The Real Fight
9. The Real Fight
December 12, 2016
Tommy uses his Championship Ring to find a Champion to fight in order to improve his ranking. He encounters an old aquantance who has some new moves.
Treasure Map
8. Treasure Map
December 12, 2016
Tommy and Bob are shooting a treasure hunt adventure movie, but maybe the map that Tommy has leads to real treasure and real danger.
The Baroness
7. The Baroness
December 12, 2016
Tommy enters a fighting competition, battling his past rivals, to win the opportunity to meet his idol, The Baroness.
Punch Punchleton
6. Punch Punchleton
December 12, 2016
Bob stows away on a ship with the Sneaky Lads in an effort to recover his stolen camcorder. Tommy and Fiona must find the Sneaky Lads hideout and help Bob recover his prize possession before the worst happens.
Broken Tape
5. Broken Tape
October 2, 2018
Tommy breaks his favorite tape playing catch with Bob so they take it to the clerk that sold it to see if he has any insight. Instead he sends them out on what Bob thinks is a wild goose chase to obtain some useless items for a spell.
When Sneakylads Strike
4. When Sneakylads Strike
October 2, 2018
Tommy and Bob are confronted by Sgt Sneak and his Sneaky Scouts who aim to steal the Championship Ring and keep Tommy from fighting other champions.
A Champion's Ring
3. A Champion's Ring
October 2, 2018
Tommy finds a former champion named Beef working at a convenience store. Tommy encourages Beef to return and searches for a way to reignite the fighting fire within and battle for a Champions ring!
My Good Friend Ben
2. My Good Friend Ben
October 2, 2018
Tommy encounters Ben and is challenged to a competition on the Big Empty Hill. Ben shows up to the challenge with his Bro Quan Doe fighting style as a defense against an intimidating Tommy.
New Moves
1. New Moves
October 2, 2018
Tommy and Bob look for the Tape Thief in a crack.

Who (or what) is Tommy gonna fight next? Watch now and find out.

  • Premiere Date
    October 2, 2018