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Girls Beyond the Wasteland is based on a graphic novel and takes place in the present day. The show focuses on what it takes to write a video game script. To set up the series, the first episode introduces two teenagers: Bunta and Kuroda. Bunta is a hardworking boy who likes to make sure the people around him are happy whereas Kuroda is a mysterious girl that is a bit of a loner.

Sayuki Kuroda asks Bunta out on a date which confuses him and his friends deeply. By the end of the evening Kuroda explains to Bunta that based on the script he wrote for the school play she wants to recruit him to write a video game. She explains that this will open doors for him to write other things such as anime.

Girls Beyond the Wasteland tackles the topics of friendship, loyalty and fame. Bunta does not know what he wants to do with his life so he decides to take a leap into the unknown but will it pay off?

Tokyo MX
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 7, 2016
Animation & Cartoon, Comedy, Romance
Cast: Seiichiro Yamashita
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Girls Beyond the Wasteland Full Episode Guide

  • The members of Rokuhara await the news of their win or loss against the game company Typhoon. When the results come in, why does Kuroda want to break up the team?

  • The group discovers the truth behind Kuroda's intentions for creating the bishoujo game. Betrayed, Buntarou and the others abandon her just before the game's completion.

  • Rokuhara releases the demo of their first game! As they read reviews, they get word that veteran development team, Typhoon, wants to meet them, but it might be risky.

  • The team heads to the recording studio to put Yuka's voice to their main character, Kirika. However, with the studio on a schedule, can Yuka do the quality job she wants?

  • Bunta is under house arrest! Kuroda has enlisted the entire team to "help" Bunta get past his writing block the old fashioned way: he can't leave until he finishes the script.

  • The group heads to the beach to replicate beloved fanservice tropes, but will incurable fissures begin to form as Kuroda and Buntarou come to an understanding?

  • Buntarou comes down with a case of writer's block, and the stress begins to take its toll on Yuki. With both writer and artist in a creative slump, what can Kuroda do to help?

  • The group gets together for a "camp"┬Ł to brainstorm ideas for their first project. However, an argument between Sayuki and Teruha may leave the team lacking a programmer!

  • Buntarou is still reeling from the previous day's events when Saiyuki reveals her plan, which is already underway and only missing the key component: a team.

  • After viewing a skit Buntarou wrote for their school's drama club, Sayuki asks him out on what might be considered a date. However, she has an odd ulterior motive.

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