Good Dog!

George is a self-absorbed television executive who has been pretty miserable throughout his life but has managed to do well for himself financially. Now he is stuck for series ideas, so he decides to pitch himself - specifically, the idea of a reality TV show focusing on him and his relationship with a much younger model named Claire. The network agrees, but only if Claire moves in with him, which freaks him out because of his fear of commitment. He decides to ask her, though, and she complies, but she brings her dog along with her, and much mayhem ensues.

4 Seasons, 77 Episodes
March 2, 2000
Cast: Ken Finkleman, Lauren Lee Smith, Jason Weinberg, Steven McCarthy
Good Dog!

Good Dog! Full Episode Guide

  • Stanley helps Misha safety-proof her Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Cross, helps Sue Ellen Fast and Theo protecting her newly acquired dog from hazards of Christmas. He also provides a way of keeping your dog away from the Christmas tree.

  • Stanley helps Judy and Harry whose Labrador refuses to be recalled when having a good time playing with other dogs, shows Peggy and Peter how to teach their Bernese Mountain Dog to retrieve and advises on choosing retrieving toys for dogs.

  • Stanley gives Bev a list of symptoms that would indicate an immediate trip to the vet for her Standard Poodle, shows Matthew how to stop his Border Collie from compulsively licking her skin and gives a tip on putting ointments on your dog.

  • Stanley shows Noah how to keep the ears of his Newfoundland Cross clean and free from germs, shows Lynne how to clip the toenails of her Golden Retriever, and shows how to stop the bleeding if by chance you clip the nails too close too the quick.

  • Stanley helps Jackie and Larry calm their 3 dogs when someone comes to the door, provides strategies for Michele and Bill's German Short-Haired Pointers howling when they aren't home and tells us what's needed to keep a dog quiet for arriving guests.

  • Stanley helps Lisa stop her Cocker Spaniel from stealing food, helps Mary stop her Doberman Pinscher from chewing up everything and provides a tip on teaching your dog some self-control around food.

  • Stanley works out an eating plan for Teresa's Keeshound Bichon Cross puppy who has been eating too well, shows Karen how to improve her Border Collie's bad breath and gives lots of advice on oral hygiene which is important for a dog's overall health.

  • Stanley Coren shows Alexandra how to teach her Dalmatian to play with only designated stuffed animals, shows Laura and Simon how to teach their Golden Retriever to pay attention to their commands and shows how to communicate displeasure to a dog.

  • Stanley shows Jennifer how to tame her Chocolate Labrador's dominant behavior, shows David how to reduce dominant traits in his Rottweiler puppy and shows a test to determine whether a dog's aggressive behavior is the result of fear or dominance.

  • Stanley helps Dale and Irish with their Shepherd/Rottweiler Cross who drags them around when walking, shows Raquel how to teach her dog to walk politely beside her rather than meandering around her legs and shows how to make a good teething toy.

  • Stanley helps minimize the separation anxiety felt by a Border Collie/Blue Heeler Cross, shows how to tame a Staffordshire Terrier's behavior when guests arrive and shows how to reduce a dogs' anxieties when seeing suitcases.

  • Stanley helps Margita solve the aggression problems of her Samoyed-German Shepherd Cross, help Yvette house-train her Chihuahua Pomeranian Cross, and gives give some tips on helping a rescue dog become settled into it's new home.

  • Stanley helps Deepak convince his Miniature Poodle that swimming is fun, shows Amanda and Allard how to make their Border Collie feel safe and be safe while sailing on their sailing yacht and he shows how to protect dogs from sun and salt water.

  • Stanley shows Sheila and daughter Sarah how they are teaching their dog to be nippy, and how to train him to stop and he shows Silvaine how to recognize the signs of dominance in their large, very pushy Golden Retriever/ Great Pyrenees Cross.

  • Stanley shows Pamela and Jonathan how to make a wilderness hike safe and enjoyable with their Labrador Retriever and helps Shirley cure an English Pointer who gets carsick.

  • Stanley advises Stephanie whose delightful German Short-Haired Pointer has only three legs, shows the Whites how to make their home more easily negotiated by their American Cocker Spaniel who has recently become blind due to glaucoma.

  • Stanley shows Anne and kids how they can help their little blind and deaf dog who often becomes lost and disoriented and he shows Angie how to keep her Corgy/Sheltie Cross from becoming a grumpy old dog, which is a common problem in aging dogs.

  • Stanley shows Nadine how to help her German Shepherd who is afraid of other dogs because he was once attacked by a Rottweiter. He also shows Grant how to desensitize his Shibu Inu who is afraid of toasters.

  • Dogs and children are a natural combination but sometimes they need to learn to co-exist peacefully. Stan shows the Pearsons how to prepare their Yellow Lab pup for the arrival of a baby, and shows Corrie how to calm her dog when he's around kids.

  • Dog aggression against people and other dogs is a serious issue. Stanley shows Bob how to nip the aggressive tendencies of his young Lab in the bud and helps Bill deal with his Border Collie's aggression toward other dogs.

  • City living poses difficulties for dogs and dog owners. Stanley shows Susan and Kendra how to prepare their dog for a move to smaller quarters in a city, shows Cheryl Ann and her kids how to deal with house-training their Pug pup in an apartment

  • Dogs predatory nature makes them chase things, sometimes dangerous things. Dr. Coren shows Linda how to keep her West Highland Terrier from attacking the vacuum cleaner and Hilary how to keep her Corgie Sheltie Cross from lunging at cars and trucks.

  • Stanley shows Willa and daughter Carolyn how to take the nip out of two Nova Scotia Duck Tollers, shows Georgia how to stop her Toy Poodle from snapping at children when out walking and demonstrates how children should act around an aggressive dog.

  • Stanley helps Brian and Jane bathe their Cockapoo, shows Ester and her children how to groom their Chocolate Lab puppy as a way to bond with him and keep him neat and clean. He also demonstrates how to "dry bathe" a dog.

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