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Have Gun, Will Travel was a popular CBS Western series that aired from 1957 to 1963. It starred Richard Boone as Paladin, a highly skilled and intelligent cowboy and gunman who traveled the Old West and took on various dangerous assignments for wealthy clients in exchange for money.

The show's name was derived from Paladin's business card, which had the phrase "Have Gun - Will Travel" on it. It perfectly summed up his profession, as he was always ready and willing to take on any assignment.

Paladin was not your typical western hero. He was well-educated and worldly, with a knowledge of literature, philosophy, and various languages. He was a cultured and refined gentleman who dressed in black and carried a distinctive gun with an ivory grip.

His back story was shrouded in mystery, and little was known about his past. He was a man of few words, but he had a strong moral code and was always on the side of justice, even if it meant going against his clients' wishes.

The supporting cast of the show included Kam Tong as Hey Boy, an Asian shopkeeper who worked as Paladin's assistant and occasional ally. He often provided Paladin with valuable information and acted as a sounding board for his ideas and plans.

Other recurring characters included Lisa Lu as Hey Girl, Hey Boy's sister who helped out at the store, and Ben Wright as Englishman, a fellow gunfighter who occasionally crossed paths with Paladin. There were also many guest stars who appeared on the show, including Charles Bronson, Lee Van Cleef, and James Coburn.

Each episode of Have Gun, Will Travel was a self-contained story that followed Paladin as he traveled to different towns and took on a wide variety of assignments. Some episodes dealt with social issues such as racism, sexism, and classism, while others were more straightforward tales of revenge, greed, or love.

The show was notable for its high production values, intricate plots, and strong performances. Richard Boone was excellent as Paladin, and his portrayal of the character was both menacing and charismatic. He was able to convey a sense of danger and unpredictability, while also showing a softer side when dealing with the vulnerable or the helpless.

The show's themes and messages were ahead of its time, and it often tackled issues that were controversial or taboo in the 1950s. It explored complex moral issues and the consequences of violence, and it refused to shy away from the harsh realities of life in the Old West.

Overall, Have Gun, Will Travel was an innovative and groundbreaking Western series that paved the way for other shows in the genre. Its blend of action, drama, and social commentary made it a hit with audiences and critics alike, and it remains a beloved classic of television history.

Have Gun, Will Travel is a series that is currently running and has 6 seasons (225 episodes). The series first aired on September 14, 1957.

Have Gun, Will Travel
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Face of a Shadow
32. Face of a Shadow
April 20, 1963
A bank hires Paladin to meet a rancher and pick up $10,000 but before the black clad one arrives the man is murdered and the money is stolen.
The Black Bull
31. The Black Bull
April 13, 1963
Paladin is imprisoned by an insane former matador who forces him to be the bull in the ring.
Two Plus One
30. Two Plus One
April 6, 1963
Paladin can't seem to get rid of a Native American damsel whose life he saved.
Lady of the Fifth Moon
29. Lady of the Fifth Moon
March 30, 1963
A young Chinese woman, awaiting passage back to her homeland so she won't have to go through with an arranged marriage, hires Paladin to protect her from assassins.
The Eve of St. Elmo
28. The Eve of St. Elmo
March 23, 1963
A wealthy land baron hires Paladin to find the shooter who crippled him while the townspeople pray that no more violence occurs.
The Savages
27. The Savages
March 16, 1963
Paladin guides an art collector and his daughter into the wilderness in search of a reclusive sculptor.
Sweet Lady of the Moon
26. Sweet Lady of the Moon
March 9, 1963
Paladin is hired to protect a murderer who was declared criminally insane but has been pronounced cured.
The Walking Years
25. The Walking Years
March 2, 1963
After being slipped a mickey in a waterfront dive, Paladin awakens chained in a darkened warehouse along with two other men who are in the same boat.
24. Caravan
February 23, 1963
An exiled high priestess from India hires Paladin to escort her through the desert for a rendezvous with some of her loyal followers.
Cage at McNaab
23. Cage at McNaab
February 16, 1963
A prisoner awaiting execution escapes and leaves Paladin behind in his place.
Burning Tree
22. Burning Tree
February 9, 1963
Paladin and his prisoner have their journey halted by a sheriff who wants to hand the prisoner over to Native Americans. It seems as though the red men need a burial scalp.
American Primitive
21. American Primitive
February 2, 1963
Paladin joins in the hunt for a fugitive who killed five innocent men while trying to avenge his son's murder.
Unforgiving Minute
20. Unforgiving Minute
January 26, 1963
In Mexico, a feverish Paladin must rely on a wussy farmer and his smokin' hot wife to help him escape from a gang of banditos.
The Debutante
19. The Debutante
January 19, 1963
A wealthy socialite hires Paladin to locate her granddaughter. He finds the lass living on a farm but she doesn't want to return with him to San Francisco.
Bob Wire
18. Bob Wire
January 12, 1963
Paladin helps a barbed wire salesman transport his cargo knowing full well that its delivery could start a range war between cattlemen and sod busters.
17. Brotherhood
January 5, 1963
Paladin tries to reunite two Native American brothers. One is now a sheriff while the other still retains the ways of his old culture.
The Treasure
16. The Treasure
December 29, 1962
Paladin and a bank robber's wife search for her husband and his loot in a ghost town that's fast filling up with other treasure hunters.
Be Not Forgetful of Strangers
15. Be Not Forgetful of Strangers
December 22, 1962
Paladin helps out a couple who are about to have their first child on Christmas Eve.
Trial at Tablerock
14. Trial at Tablerock
December 15, 1962
Paladin serves as a defense attorney for a feared gunman who's being tried on a trumped-up murder charge.
13. Penelope
December 8, 1962
A former Army officer, who left his wife to go gold prospecting in Mexico, hires Paladin to smooth things over with wifey before his return.
Man in an Hourglass
12. Man in an Hourglass
December 1, 1962
Paladin is hired by a physician pal to find the son of a woman the sawbones once loved before the young man makes a terrible mistake.
Marshal of Sweetwater
11. Marshal of Sweetwater
November 24, 1962
Paladin goes up against an old friend who's now a town marshal. It seems as though the old pal became a tyrant after cleaning up the town.
A Miracle for St. Francis
10. A Miracle for St. Francis
November 17, 1962
A Catholic mission hires Paladin to retrieve a statue that was stolen from their premises.
Shootout at Hogtooth
9. Shootout at Hogtooth
November 10, 1962
Town politicians hired three gunmen to clean up their town only to find out that the cure was worse than the disease. Now they've come to Paladin.
The Predators
8. The Predators
November 3, 1962
Traveling across the desert, Paladin and an accused killer must battle the elements and a bloodthirsty gang.
Memories of Monica
7. Memories of Monica
October 27, 1962
Paladin stands with a sheriff against his wife's former lover, an outlaw who's sworn to take her back.
Bird of Time
6. Bird of Time
October 20, 1962
Paladin must protect his prisoner from the wrath of a vengeance seeking rancher.
Beau Geste
5. Beau Geste
October 13, 1962
A sheriff who's about to retire refuses Paladin's help against a group of gunmen.
A Place For Abel Hix
4. A Place For Abel Hix
October 6, 1962
Paladin arrives in a town for a job only to find that his prospective client was just shot dead.
The Fifth Bullet
3. The Fifth Bullet
September 29, 1962
Paladin escorts a released prisoner home to his family but five hired killers have other ideas.
Taylor's Woman
2. Taylor's Woman
September 22, 1962
Paladin has a most unusual task. A rancher hires him to stop, by any means necessary, his upcoming wedding to his bitchy housekeeper.
1. Genesis
September 15, 1962
Paladin relates, via flashbacks, how he became a gun for hire.
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  • Premiere Date
    September 14, 1957
  • IMDB Rating
    8.4  (3,366)