High Society

High Society is an American comedy sitcom that is centered around three New York City women: Ellie Walker, a romance writer, her best friend and successful publisher, Dot Emerson, and Dot's mother, Brenda Emerson, all living in the same house. The stories are focused on the antics of the women as they find themselves in the center of some outrageous situations. The stories are often centered around the ideals of family.

The cast includes Jean Smart (Ellie Walker), Mary McDonnell (Dorothy "Dott" Emerson), Dan O'Donahue (Brendan Emerson), David Rasche (Peter Thomas), Faith Prince (Valerie "Val" Brumberg), and Luigi Amodeo (Stepha).

The CW
1 Season, 8 Episodes
March 10, 2010
Cast: Paul Johnson-Calderon, Dale Mercer, Tinsley Mortimer, Alexandra Osipow
High Society

High Society Full Episode Guide

  • A sex scandal threatens Paul Johnson Calderon's relationship with Tommy. Devorah's jet-setting trip to the Virgin Islands is stalled by customs. A showdown at a party forces Tinsley, Dabney and Dale to rally together.

  • Paul's boyfriend becomes more than just a boy toy to Paul. Meanwhile Tinsley markets her handbags.

  • Devorah Rose throws a launch party for her new line of bikinis; Paul and Tommy reconnect.

  • Jules faces a possible eviction; Devorah Rose causes trouble; Tinsley tries to make amends with her mother.

  • Tinsley drops by the factory to check on her new handbag line while Paul Johnson Calderon finds himself at the center of a new "Page Six" scandal. Dale does some investigating on the Prince and his royal relations. The New York City Opera opens with a socialite snubbing.

  • Tinsley tries to get some dirt on her ex-husband while Devorah Rose tries to climb the social ladder. A fancy benefit is interrupted.

  • Dabney and Alexandra throw Tinsley a "Single's Shower," but her mom creates an uncomfortable atmosphere. However, Paris Fashion Week finds Tinsley with a German prince who may be too good to be true.

  • Due to her high-profile divorce, Park Avenue Princess Tinsley Mortimer gives up her Upper East Side address for a Midtown loft. Tinsley's sister, Dabney Mercer, moves in with socialite bad girl Jules Kirby, and New York City "It Boy" Paul Johnson Calderon lobbies for money from his trust fund.

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